Ranked is BROKE and im still a rookie

So apparently, i suck at this game. Ive been playing Zeku for about a week now, ive been trying to learn his combos and everything. But the ranking system is broken. Im obviously still a rookie but i keep getting matched with super bronze and bronze players who are level 500 or something. Ive played 30 ranked matches and havent won a single one. Can someone pls link me a video or something to help me out

Watch this video series

I suck at this game too (have reached silver but never stayed there long).

Just this weekend, I tried the advice in part 1, 3, and 4 with Lucia and made it to Silver Bronze with three normal attacks (s.MK, her slide attack, and throw), and her DP just for anti-airs in a few days.

It wasn’t easy but I learned a lot about when it wasn’t my turn and how I use to over-commit before.

I’m now slowing adding a few moves to my arsenal (ones that really seem to fill the biggest gaps, as detailed in part 2), and will slowly integrate combos one at a time (and after I know I can successfully pull them off in a match). It’ll take time but it’ll be worth it.


Oh, I’m not the only one on this forum who sucks? I thought this game was supposed to be for hardcores lol always kinda felt bad to be here.

I made it to Gold once, then fell all the way back down to Super Silver, without winning a match after the promotion. Broke a remote, quit the game and never touched Ranked since lol

Lab it out.
I’m also a rookie. The guys you’re playing are also trapped. Break through by losing over and over and getting good. Don’t worry.

’ You r not a warrior you r a beginner’ :crazy_face::crazy_face::v::v: