Ranked match difficulties

Have any of you guys ever practiced your combos and practiced various cross ups and different combo starters for hours and hours, only to get spanked by several different people on ranked matches? Recently I’ve been having this problem. I’m not one to complain about a tactic (if I do, it’s usually to myself), but a lot of the things I see coming, for some reason I can’t seem to avoid it. Ether because a small amount of lag, or something else.

I’ve been practicing in training mode for days, trying to get these combos trapped in muscle memory, but as soon as the combo starts in ranked match for some weird reason I can never keep it going! I’ve practically memorized 80% of the Zero combos that I’ve made up myself. I utilize various cross over combos, and memorized combos up to 1 million damage or more…but I can never seem to get them off in ranked matches. I can’t seem to understand why ether!

It’s been very frustrating trying to find people to practice with, because on ranked matches I’ve learned that people never try to do those long hard to do combos. Most of them just stick to one state of thinking. Example: Using Dormammu’s triangle jump, Iron Man’s triangle jump, and proceeds to continue doing the same thing.

I don’t want to appear like I’m QQ-ing, god forbid I know a good amount of the Shoryuken community is ready to blow me up with random hate, noob calling, or whatever. I just wanted to know if ether of you guys had a problem like this.

Is it me? Do I need to practice more? I don’t know what it is. I can’t find anyone online to practice combos with. And I only know one person close by I can practice with and even though he’s -really- good, he’s not really up with the whole competitive aspect of Marvel vs Capcom 3.

I attended a Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament at AnimeNext in Somerset, NJ and managed to win the first round. So I’m pretty sure I don’t suck. I just need practice with approaches, countering certain teams and whatever.

My current team is Zero, Wesker, Jill (in that order). Zero I’m 100% comfortable with, I don’t think there’s any combo I can’t do if I see it online. Jill, I’m about 80% comfortable with. However, Wesker is another story. I can pull off certain combos, but there are certain things I just can’t seem to pull off.

I look back at what I’ve just typed and I’m wondering why on earth I did it. Guess all I’m trying to do is find out if anyone has experienced my frustration, while looking for someone to practice with in the process.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

MvC3 online and offline are two very different metagames to practice. I think we have all had those days where we just can’t get anything going on Ranked. Hell, just today I spent the better half of 2 hours practicing my Wesker setups and 1mil+ damage combos, only to get stomped by a guy on ranked that opened with Wolvie and BnB’d me to death (You know, that BnB that EVERYBODY knows?). At CEO 2011, I did fairly well in my pool against players I thought were going to body me in an instant, so like you, I know I had ability to play. Online just has tons of more factors involved than local matches, and because of this, some people have a harder time standing toe to toe on ranked matches.

My advice:

  1. Try not to take Ranked too seriously. If anything, I regard Ranked as a means to practice different teams or matchups I expect to see at tournaments. Some players will try to make you feel bad for losing, but that comes standard with any game online, don’t take it personally. If you lose your composure, you’ll very quickly see yourself beginning to get frustrated, ergo your playing ability will decline in result.

  2. If you can’t seem to perform certain combos with one team, find new members for your current team or make a new team altogether. MvC3 is a game of numerous possibilities, there are many tried and true tactics that can assure consistent wins. As an example, I see you’re playing Zero, who is a great character that can be made even better depending on his assists. Wesker has a fantastic assist in his OTG gunshot. I have little or no idea on how to play Jill aside from being quick and unpredictable, and to my knowledge her assists aren’t all that useful. Maybe switching some characters in your team (or their assists) around could help with your Zero playing. I know there are plenty of OTG assists that can combo straight into Genmu Zero, just as a reference.

  3. I’d advise hitting up the Zero thread here on Shoryuken, they have tons of helpful advice to improve one’s ability with any given character. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always check out Eventhubs.com, who has some useful information and character guides as well.

  4. IMO, I wouldn’t look for a practice partner online. For the most part, MvC3 online is a competitive environment. Even with my closest friends, whom I’ve played fighters with for years, “Practice” or “Training” quickly devolves into a contest of who can body who the best or fastest. I would personally prefer to find a local in the area, someone you have a good relationship with. If they aren’t quite that experienced, you can show them what you know, and you can both learn from eachother, which I think is a great way to improve. If they have more skill or experience in playing than you believe your current level is, you can do the same, and hopefully learn much more from it.

This is just me thinking out loud, but I hope I helped you in some small way. :smiley:

It took me forever to pull off X-23’s mirage feint combos online consistently. I’m talking about weeks up to a month, seriously. Even though I can do them now in various levels of connections, i still don’t find myself always doing them when I can lol.

Anyway, you just have to look at online as another challenge for your muscle memory and just put in the effort to try doing those combos online. Sometimes it takes just as much effort to learn them online as it does offline, so challenge yourself. Like when offline when you first started learning them, you’re gonna drop it from time to time til you get it right. Eventually you’ll match the timing online with the timing needed to execute whatever combo you wanna do. Just continue to put in the time and the effort when you’re up against people and in time you’ll get the results you seek.

Try practising your combos and techniques in training mode with the lag simulator set quite low. For me, I found typical online play feels like it’s playing with it set to about 3 bars at best, but it might be a bit different for you. I was never able to land simple Trish BnBs online for a long time, but they land far more consistently now that I appreciate how much earlier I need to press buttons, and that sometimes mashing a little is okay. Granted her combos aren’t particularly difficult or stunning, but it may be worth trying out. Online and offline execution need to be treated as different beasts.

Honestly, yes, things are very different online.

The only thing I can think of that sticks out in my head is Dante. Offline, I have never once been hit by air S. I just dash away from it or block it then punish. Online I will get hit with it easily 50% of the time (assuming its not out of a teleport, I just launcher when he teleports, instant dead dante).

I honestly don’t know why it catches so much more online.

Also a lot of my sentinal combos are harder to do online, mostly because its harder to tiger knee.

So yah, don’t worry too much about it. I solved it by doing training mode with slightly less then perfect settings. Practicing with the lag your connection useually provides helps a ton.

ALSO, take note, make sure you don’t mess up your timings in online mode for offline use. After a long time of online, I went to training mode and realized I could accidentally drop the wolv bnb because I had my timings all fucked up.

Keep playing dem online ranked matches. lol.

I bet your offline reaction time is hammered.

like others have stated, online is totally different. doom for instance, when I play him, offline I can almost always get his 2 relaunches (non corner) or 3 with assist, but online I have to settle for 1 because it will drop unless super lucky. the online component in this game is one of the worst I have ever played. granted from time to time there will be a match that seems decent but it’s rare IMO.

if u do player matches u will see people are SOMETIMES trying to experiment with new characters. but again not all the time, the other day I was tryin out my modok and arthur so i go to do a player match and I face a wolverine, wesker, akuma and the guy was goin balls to the wall on me. then does the teabag thing at the end of the match thinkin he was superior

also ranked matches people will do anything to win, some people take it seriously, they don’t wanna rank down, they want to rank up and not lose, so any tactic they can pull such as being lame they will do. sometimes I just wish I could see the person on the other side and see how hard they are hitting there controller or joystick.

your post is legit, shouldn’t get blown up for it, trust me I’ve felt the fustration online that you have had but now I just take it with a grain of salt. don’t let it get to you that much… I still get pissed off though when I outplay someone the entire match then a lvl 3 wesker comes back to just rape me. that for some reason just annoys the fuck out of me. I’m just hoping that at comic con this week they announce changes to x-factor