Ranked Match Pairing Issue


Hey everyone , so I’m currently a gold player with 4091LP trying to rank up but, everytime I go to play ranked matches I only get matched up against rookie or bronze players , I’ve never received a match higher than ultra bronze. Is anyone having this similar problem ? On my old account with my brothers ps4 I get ultra silver , gold and sometimes platinum players , the account was left with 4800LP and when I purchased my own ps4 I had to rank up again with a new fighter ID. I have no idea how to fix this problem , if anyone has any suggestions if appreciate the help.


Also now I’m getting a “you are not registered in this ranking” error message when I try to find myself in the leaderboards


Pretty sure that’s just how the matchmaking works. I was Silver for ages because I only ever got matched up with people who gave me +5/10 for a win and -100 for a loss. Most of the time when I rank up significantly it is the result of a 20/30+ win streak.


Yeah that’s the same thing happening to me I get 1-5 points per win having to do like a 30+ win streak to get at least 150lp , it’s really frustrating at the moment


I have the inverse issue, where I’m hovering around 800-1200 LP and pretty consistently get matched against Silvers or higher. Its even more frustrating because its hard to learn against people who crush you in 15 seconds.

Pretty sure they just widened the LP threshold after everybody complained about matchmaking taking too long.

I wish they’d just add the filtering options that SFIV had.


I went from being a silver player being matched to gold / Plat players and losing points then eventually getting matched to my league very little then back to higher players again to the point I ended up back in bronze and I can’t find anyone in my own league if I got so bad I became a bronze player again but I’m still playing gold players.


Im currently super silver and get handed bronze players constantly. I always feel bad and dont go 100, and end up losing points like a chump. The handful that rematch will then realize they didnt win, I lost, and quickly either rage quit or dont give me another rematch and walk away with over 100 points.

Sorry bronze players playing silver players, not gonna make it fun for you anymore. I fought hard to win 10 fights to go up 100 points. You arent taking them back in one swipe cause I decided to go easy on you.


Haha, I’m glad to see that the bad players are not the only one pissed off by that system !
I’m playing SFV since 3 hours now, and it’s the first one I’ve got so I’m a complete noob. The problem is that I’m currently rank like 414K with 0LP and on the 20 matches i’ve done today, I played just ONE time versus a noob like me. All the other matches were versus people ranked 150k and more with around 2k LP. I don’t know how I’m suppose to learn anything while getting rekt so hard. I’m not a ragequitter but on the last game, I dropped my stick on the second round. No fun for me.
And now that I know they dont win any LP that way, I feel bad for them as well.

I will go back to training but at some point, I hope to be able to fight people of my level (or a bit better) to improve myself…

(Trying my best with English, sorry if that’s not enough.)


If you’re still a beginner trying to learn, just use the casual match option for a while. More people play that than ranked and yet it still seems to use your ranked LP for matchmaking. Since you have 0 LP you’ll play other beginners more often.

As more people play in that mode, there’s more people available that are low lp to match you against, so you’ll fight against them more often. Not every time, but more often. The fact that you’re someone who bothers posting on srk says that you care more than other beginners, so you should be fine. Just play against whoever it won’t take long.


just played 8 matches in a row with same person (4 runbacks).

add: sorry, 5 runbacks. got matched with him again lol


Oh ! Ok ! I will do that ! Since I dont care about my point, I was playing full ranked but I will try casual mode to improve ! Thanks for the advice !
EDIT : Ok I’ve played my first casual match vs another Ken (ranked 250k wich is clearly better for me) and managed to win 2-1 ! This is an all new game ! Thanks again !

And yeah, I’ve discovered SRK by searching about the machmaking system trying to understant it ! So I decided to look out for “noob advice” ! Like the thread with explanations on combos, links, cancels and all. Great stuff, cool site. :slight_smile:


I’m currently standing at about 4300lp+ now and I’m still getting matched up with bronze and rookie players lol this shit sucks man


I’m getting matched almost exclusively with people who give me +1 or +5 points for a win. I got the 2-hour ban yesterday because I disconnected on a bunch of mashers after the first round. I don’t have time to waste punishing raw half-screen DPs.


“I can’t accept that my skill level is actually at a silver level”


I have no idea what my actual skill level is because the matchmaking is so borked. I win 40 game streaks of +5/10 points and rank up because of it. That’s garbage, if I am beating Super Bronze players that consistently, stop matching me with them. If I lose to someone it has no effect on my rank because my next 40 matches will be against Super Bronze newbies. This is not how a ranking system should ever work. My “skill” doesn’t even enter the equation because the sheer amount of beginners I am put up against ensures that flowcharting will always increase my rank over time if I just grind enough hours out in Ranked mode. I’m Super Gold right now, and I almost certainly should NOT be. Right now I’m in a dumb holding cycle of winning 200 points from 40 rounds against trash players, then losing 100-150 when one of them happens to be good, then getting another 200 from trash players. I guess maybe when I get to Ultra Gold or Platinum those numbers will even out and I’ll stop ranking up? Is that the plan for how ranking is supposed to work???

Even more aggravating is that when I do lose, I want to play another round against that person because wow they were good, but I can’t because I know I’ll need another 30 goes against Super Bronze newbies to make up the deficit.


Yeah true i feel guilty smashing rookie and bronze guys 2 perfects but i get matched up with mostly bronze and silver. Im Gold aswell and cant rank up as quick as before


Well after the network maintenance the other day I’m no longer getting matched with 95% Bronze players. Now it is 95% Platinum players. What is even happening


I think the matchmaking is not only decided by rank but also character lvl. My Cammy is lvl 35 and I sometimes get matched up with players around the same irrespective of rank. I don’t really mind it tho cause I will play anyone (always something 2 learn).


AFAICT rank, level, etc have no effect whatsoever. I just ranked down like a 1000-ish points from getting matched with Super/Ultra Platinums for 2 days straight, and still not getting matched with anyone else, whether I play my level 45 Rashid or my level like 15 Chun. I don’t even think connection is a factor because the matchmaking is having to go to the opposite side of the planet to find Ultra Platinums for me to fight.


I think it compares you to any people who are a certain ping in your area that you select. For example if you pick 4-5 bars, you’ll probably get matched with only those in your area that are close enough.

when you pick 3-5, you get a bigger pool/selection so yeah.