Ranked Match: Rank limit option broken?

Hey folks,

I’m just wondering if anyone else is having this issue. It seems to me that selecting “Same” as Rank Limit is completely useless / broken. Every time I get to the 9th Lord level, EVERY match I play with Rank Limit set to same I get paired up with someone that is 6th of 5th lord and I constantly get destroyed until I get demoted to rinse and repeat.

I get matched up with another 9th lord about 1 time out of 25 matches.

I know I’m not all that good at the game, but I would appreciate at least having a chance at someone that is moderately on the same level as me.

Anyone else have this issue?

Yes, this has been brought up numerous times before. It’s been broken since the Shadow Mode patch. We can only hope they will fix it with another patch.

to be honest
9th lord and 6th lord are about the same man… only about 3 hours or so of play time separate the two
and what i heard was that it’s judged by your win ratio

so if your ratio is like… 60%… you’ll be paired up with someone around 60%

do you level up faster if you beat someone of a higher rank tho? I didn’t even know you could get demoted in this game lol for some reason I thought you still get a level increase after a loss. the only problem I’ve seen is when the match first starts, it shows your opponent’s record at something like 17-120 but after the match it shows that they were actually 174-20 wtf
and why do some players have scout, ranger, judge?

I can say that it does NOT pair you up with people of the same win ratio. Mine is 30% and I always get paired up with 65% and up.

You can always find bad players to play against in player match. I never worry about fighting “too good” a player in ranked, though. Thats a learning experience

lol, as much as i wish that was true i’m not too sure that it is, bc my win rate in ranked is about 40%(and i’m pretty sure im rounding UP here x) but the majority of matches that i played before i got de-ranked was against 4th - 2nd lords with around 70-90% win rate. i started to think that i should just give up on ranked match but then i got de-ranked and all was well…until i ranked up again and it all began again

Now, that being said, i know what you mean, ranked matches can be a pain sometimes

Ranking with “same” limitations will result something like this:

Fighter-5th Lord
4th Lord-High Lord
Master Lord-Any

Master Lord is set to any because if you were the use the limitations to “same” it would take you 5+ minutes to find a match. And yes, you rank up faster if you beat anything above your current level.

Anything with a lord title means they don’t lose often and have high current stability.
Anything with a scout title means the player is inconsistent upon winning matches, but has demonstrated advance offense. Characters like Zero, Wesker, X-23, mixups, long combos from a Dante, etc.
Anything with ranger means the player loses often. They don’t preform many mixups (could be just at the current time) and characters are rather simplistic to use Haggar, PHX, Sentinel those types during constant losing
Anything with judge again results in steady losses, the player doesn’t really play aggressively and the game figures him to be more conservative (resulting high advance defense). Run away with Taskmaster and advance guard a lot lol.

I was just about to say lords tend to be the most consistent and Judges/Scouts/Rangers of the same level as Lord never seems to be that great.

i remember when i last played marvel, i lost like 3 games in a row to lower ranked guys and my rank went from master lord to master scout or ranger or something… and i noticed that my stability dropped but my other factors were still maxed out. then i won more and bumped up my stability but it just stayed as master scout. i was really sad hahaha
also, i have a plus 80% win rate and when i set my match parameters to same, i only got other lords, but when i set it to any, i fought a lot of fighters and stuff. i would say the same rank setting DOES work, but it’s not gonna be that precise. i think it mostly gets rid of the fighter/amateurs. once it hits 9th lord, it seems not to matter any more lol

Given the ones rank is completely irrelevant this a thousand times this. People who throw in the towel early or ragequit when overmatched confuse the hell out of me. They’re shortchanging themselves.

See this confused me because I had a stretch where I went from Lord to Scout to Judge and back to Lord over the course of ~6 matches. I mean, I’m not that good at the game but it seems like the criteria for assigning one title over the others could stand to be revised.

You were probably right on the edge between the two initially. Before my HD corrupted and I lost all my gamesaves (waaahhhh Resident Evil 5 and MGS4!!!) I had 150 wins 40 losses and I was a 4th lord. I never played ranked matches but I’d fight other 4th ranks who had hundreds more wins than me but a much larger loss ratio, since my win/loss was around 83% or something.