Ranked Match Search Parameters

I’m grinding towards the “Win 100 Ranked Matches” & “Golden League” trophies, so I was looking for tips on the best ways to get those. I came across this tip on PSNtrophies.com, and one thing that stood out was how setting your search parameters to “PS4 AND PC” makes it harder for you, since you would be put up against tougher competition. Here is an excerpt on the tip:

Win 100 Ranked Matches.

This trophy could take you more time than you think if you aren’t good in the game because two things: 1.This mode is full of pro players.
2.If you choose to play against PS4 and PC players, your chances to win are even worse.

For “normally” skilled players, you’ll likely on average win one match and lose the next two. You could improve these numbers in time as you play and become more skilled, so this trophy will unlock eventually. Make sure you are playing ranked matches because Casual and Lounge matches won’t count!

The heartbreaker: there are no boosting possibilities seen at the moment. There are a few settings which you can modify with searching, such as region, but you can’t modify any other important things in ranked to your advantage, so it seems it will ultimately be your skills that matter. If you’d like to, you can try to sync to search with a partner and see If you both are lucky enough to find each other 200+ times! Practice a lot, stick with one character if you see progress or change it if you are bludgeoned too often. Sooner or later you will win your 100th to unlock this trophy.

It’s worth mentioning that you will be working towards “Bronze | A Fiendish Trap” and “Gold | Bam, Bam, Win!” too while you’re going for this trophy.

Does setting your parameters to ONLY PS4 put you up against weaker competition? I don’t know what platforms most top players use, but that premise sounds like it wouldn’t make much of a difference. Maybe setting the region to a smaller area would help, but even that doesn’t guarantee that you fight weaker people.

I’m curious to know what other people set their parameters on and how difficult everyone thinks those two trophies will be to get over time.

PC has a few advantages. They can view hitboxes, they can cause lag for the other player while seeing none themselves. They have an awesome modding community. Lots of stuff.