Ranked Match.....Your thoughts and your rank

Sup Guys,

New to this forum and pretty new to the fighting scene. Just wanted to know what others thought about ranked matches. I understand how it’s supposed to rank you compared to others, but I think Ranked Match really doesn’t mean as much. The reason I say that, is because you don’t always play someone the same ranked, even though you go through the custom match. I also ALWAYS have at least 1 person disconnect on me, within 10-15 games and there is no record for disconnects (which i think they should make). What are your thoughts?

Currently I’m ranked 387 (I believe)…(2nd Lord).

It sucks
ranked top 30

Not a big fan. Lag is a huge problem. Ranking systems are adorable. I’ve never taken online very seriously, offline is all that really counts.

Hitconfirming with a bit of lag in marvel is really annoying. If you play a character with links it becomes even dumber. I would assume online gives way to a lot of derp tactics that you won’t see in a real match.

but whatever, my 2c.

Online has always been idiotic. Basically these days it just consists of people using characters with safe strings to launchers so they don’t have to hit confirm (Wesker, Mags) and bullshit mixups that are simply impossible to block online. (Zero, Mags)

And of course just like offline pretty much everyone is running a DHC glitch team so these braindead call sent tri-dash win teams only have to touch you once.

Seriously just don’t play online. It’s bad for you.

It sucks.

Played 2-3 games, got against Dark Phoenix once, other times were doom spammer abusing long range and random super…

I can’t play online cuz it fucks my already average execution. And i play execution character.

I’m 9th Ranger at the moment, and I’ve had the title since release. Unfortunately I lose most of my matches on ranked, usually due to connection. I find myself playing player matches and lobbies much more often now, I would like to rank up, but my connection doesn’t fare well with MvC3’s netcode, so I restrict myself to lobbies with friends or local matches.

It’s pretty silly. The ranks aren’t even a good representation of skill either. I’ve played some godlike players in Lobbys that are like, Fighter ranked. Some of the shittiest players I’ve ever played online were high ranked too. Idk, a pretty good example of how bad some of the higher ranked people are is Gootecks and Mike Ross’s show.

I stopped doing ranked about a month+ ago, but I got 4th lord before I stopped. Takes too long to rank up anyway compared to SSF4.

I am only a third lord and I hate ranked. The lag is such a big issue, my second character is Shuma and his BnB has 3 different links a.k.a tight windows that have to be timed not mashed. I find this BnB easy to do offline (90% success rate) but I will drop it 95% of the time online, it basically makes shuma unplayable online. Even my wolvie’s combo using shuma assist has 2 tight links in it so I drop that BnB about 70% of the time.

The reason I know ranked is bad is because I do better in ranked by just picking ammy/Sent/Haggar than I do my main team. That ammy team gets demolished offline its not even funny, thats how i know ranked sucks. Also the online game kind of ruins the air grab game because unless you have a large airgrab range like task/ammy/mags you are going to wiff what is usually a free grab.

what sucks for me is that when i put my ranked filter on same skill, i never get an opponent to play. so i have to resort to all skill. yea sometimes i play scrubs, but most of the time i play high lords and 1st lords.

3rd lord here ranked 490 world xbox

I was playing the absolute shit out of ranked (until PSN went down). I think that I’ll move to Player Matches once PSN is back up. Losing ranked matches to lag makes me rage, though, if I can find someone in Player Matches with a decent connection, we can rematch it up easily. And if their connection is ass, I can leave after a match and not feel bad about to hit to my precious online ranking.

From my experience with the Same/Any choice, it seems if you choose Same and you’re ranked no higher than 5th, then you’ll fight people who are 5th and below. Once you reach 4th, you’ll fight people who are 4th or higher. It seems to be very general instead of matching people by specific rank. This is fine for me because the higher you go, the fewer players you’ll find around your rank.

Out of all options to play for a possible challenge, Ranked > Player easily. Anyone can say as much as they want how much this game sucks online, but that’s not the topic of this discussion.

Hit 1st Lord two days ago.

If I can beat Viscant online, then it means online has some problems. Nothing at all like playing in person.

It doesn’t mean that people who are highly ranked aren’t good (Viscant is a Cosmic Lord, after all) but a good number of the people who do well online are using tactics that are just difficult to deal with thanks to lag. My favorite is the Dormammu Purification spammers, it would be really easy to get out of it offline since you know that you can dash or use a move and it’ll happen when you want it to, but online it’s a damn crapshoot.

Currently 4th Lord, nearly 3rd.

I haven’t played this game for like a month now, and haven’t played ranked even longer (I’m a 6th lord) but I do think the ranked system is very wack. Where does one begin to explain it? I mean, first of all, let’s talk about the part that doesn’t even have anything to do with gameplay. It takes a long time to find ranked matches. When searching, you can quick match for an easy find but with bad settings, you can custom search but it takes a long ass time to get games unless you set the rank to any (but then you get either the amateur 9-78 scrubs or someone ranked top 30), or you can go to fight request where it still generally takes awhile to find a game and in the process you have to play through boring arcade or practice offline shit that probably won’t even work once you find a game online.

But in the game, there usually isn’t that great of connections. SSFIV was pretty annoying but I’ve already had many more (and worse) connections in the few months with this game. Because of this, a lot of ranked games have results completely based on bullshit. It’s the same whether or not you’re playing ranked or player, but because you’re in ranked, people rank up and down based off of things that normally wouldn’t happen. In SSFIV, if you play a scrub, you’ll know first hand. They’re gonna be those people that got to B rank day one with bullshit, but never quite learned the game so they have 300 PP, and like 2000-3000 BP. In Marvel, you played those in ranked who are in the neighborhood of 7th-1st Lords and expect a real competitive match. Turns out they’re still doing ABCE day one shit, and all of their “mix-ups” work because of the games average at best netcode. When you’re playing them, you may win, but it’s a pretty close game because they landed one magic series to hyper to 2 DHCs. And the fact is, these scrubs are getting to higher ranks for shit they didn’t earn, and why can they level up so easily…

Because of the lack of rage-quitters hell that we believed there would be. You can rage quit in ranked and they do not punish you appropriately. You lose the level up meter just a tad but that’s it. You keep your rank, you keep your STREAK, and a loss is not marked on your record. Why is that? SSFIV you lose points (a good amount), and you receive a loss. Now I’ll admit, I have left games early a few times because of an imminent loss to bullshit and because I knew I’d be punished lightly, but that doesn’t mean I condone this. If you rage, you should get punished hard, especially playing in ranked.

I remember you and I had a good set a few months back, we should do it again sometime.

I’ve gotten some really good connections through random (enough to do dante combos) so for those, I only feel bad losing b/c it’s my fault, not the connections. Ranked seems to have more of the laggier matches because it takes so long to find an opponent, maybe that is because it’s set to ‘Same’ skill level? I should take that off. Generally, I like using online for local gatherings. Great connections and lag is a non-factor.

4th scout giving up on ranked, as soon as I hit 4th lord it’s all people who have perfect blockstrings and a really hard to avoid mixup, wolverines, phoenix, sentinel, doom assists, and weskers all day…my win rate went from 62% to 50% either i’m not ready for this rank or my joe, ammy, haggar team can’t compete online with these characters during an online senerio…

I faced a 2nd while I was 8th and faced a master and 1st at 6th.
Ranked is fun in a way but it sucks when people quit. from reading posts here, it seems as if many people quit in the middle of the match when things aren’t going their way but thats not the case with me, they always quit as soon as the last hit occurs right before KO is fully displayed denying me a win:tdown:

still don’t how the rankings, rank titles, etc etc works besides that involves your playstyle stats

Wish we knew the requirements for ranking up. 3rd Lord forever now, but i don’t really care to be honest.

Yea, that’s usually what happens to me. Afterwards I usually send them a message like “Pussy…be a man and take a loss”.


If online is so painful for you guys, then why dont you leave it to the people who actually enjoy it???

Wtf is wrong with you guys??? really… i dont understand why you guys cry so much about online being bad…

This started since SF4, first it was the ragequitters… a true problem, but at least you could see the guy in the lobby, so if you memorized his name then it wasnt that bad…

Then it was the “omg i cant use my uber skillz online!” or “i cant use my combo that only uses 1 frame links its useless online!!” another problem, easily solved, you are playing against a guy who has a lot of lag?? well then dont use that combos, im sure your character has more options…

Then it was the “those tactics only work online” and here is where we stop (since all the problems of online gaming for fighting games are essentially the same).

You guys talk about online like it was the end of the world… yes its horrible to fight someone with lag but its just a match.

There are legit guys online that show really high level, and that use tactics that work offline and online…

Some tactics (like phoenix bullshit or wolverine “teleport”) work on both worlds, and yes… they work better if there is significant lag in the match, but its not like you guys say they are, its not like if they press that button that “only works online” they are going to win automatically… and its not like if you play offline against the same guy, you wont get hit by that shit…

I play most of the time online… because we dont have a strong scene where i live, and the only big difference between offline and online (ranked) is that the opponent gets to adjust its gameplay to your strategies…

On ranked playing its actually harder, because (normally) you dont get to play the same guy more than a couple of times and you only get 1 fight, if you lose well, you lose points, thats why you have to have a good fight plan, even if its spammin…

if it works why shoulndt i use it?, thats why people dont “evolve” its gameplay, they find one strategy that works and they stick with it, good or bad? i dont really care, if they choose lame tactics why should i cry about it?

And because you guys dont enjoy online that makes it shit, right?

Although i have to agree that online its not the actual representation of the true skill, yes people with more time get to play more and get to be on the top spots, but for a game like MvC3, a game with no offline scene (there are no MvC3 arcades just tournaments…) online cannot be ignored.

Hell if you hate it so much, stick to player matchs and lobbys… and get better internet…

played online for a while

don’t anymore (it’s shit)