Ranked rematch isn't a forced 2/3?

After the second match (I won, then I lost) I saw an “end battle” option, to my surprise. The feature was advertised as a 2/3 in all the patch notes I read, but it looks like that’s optional. Either I’m missing something or that’s how it is.

They already explained it was optional in the pre release details articles.

So when you say optional what do you mean?

Link to article please?

You do realize that if I win a match. Rematch. Then I lose a match. The opponent or I can now end battle without completing the 2/3 set. I’m not talking about the option to rematch, I’m talking about the fact that the set is not forced to go to 3 matches even if it should.

It wasn’t never advertised as a forced 2/3. I pretty sure they were only advertising the option to rematch period (not turn it into a match)

I mean what you mean. It is optional and both players have to agree to a rematch in order for the rematch to happen. Then even after the second match both players have to agree again to the 3rd match.

Clearly explained here. http://www.capcom-unity.com/haunts/blog/2016/03/24/sfv-march-update---release-date-and-new-details

Online Rematch Option
Salty from a close loss online? Want revenge? Players can now play a 2/3 set in Ranked Match and Casual Matches, provided both players accept the rematch.

I have an entire thread for this stuff stickied so people can read before they ask.

And you don’t interpret this as, after the rematch has been accepted, it’s a forced 2/3? If you really want to get pedantic, it says “THE rematch.” Singular. Not “BOTH rematches.”

The point that is lost on me is… How does the rematch work? Do you get initial points and rematch for MORE points? Or do you now have to win another game to get the original points you would have won anyways?

If you get the points then it makes sense. The winner gets to make double points… Maybe. The loser gets to try to make their points back. Otherwise I don’t see why a winner would ever give the loser an extra chance to win.

It’s a gamble, especially if it was a close match. I had someone beat me in the first match, I beat them the second match and he RQ’ed. Never got my points back, but he did. -_-

I always hit play again because, honestly, I hate the load times so much. I would rather rematch even if the opponent was too strong or really bad.

It’s not a forced 2/3 in lobby, why would it be forced 2/3 in ranked? You always have the option to drop your fight.

Although they REALLY need to add an instant fix for RQ where it can detect who dropped, give them the loss, and reward the other player a win. The game is always connected to the game server anyway, even though the matches are hosted locally, so it should know who is still connected after a d/c. There is no reason not to take this action in a dc situation.

damn :frowning:

I’m pretty glad it’s optional.

Had this laggy as fuck Chun yesterday that I beat. If I had to go through a two out of three with that guy, I would’ve pulled my hair out.