Ranked Room Bug - MvC2


Wasn’t sure where to post this, but it is Marvel related.

On the 360/PS3 port, If you’re tired of the game crashing when someone exits a ranked game your running, then press B and go to the “Return to main menu” menu. Then, if they quit, you can go back to the menu, but if someone joins then it automatically accepts.

Just found this out, making playing online much better :smile:

Erm, sorry if this is the wrong place. :pray:


Doesn’t work, although it was tried.

And it goes here:



How does it not work? As soon as someone joins press A (to start game) then press B and hover over the exit prompt. if you get the Room Bug then when you press A it apparently selects the exit prompt from the previous screen and you get back to the menu no worries, and if you don’t get the bug then you can just play as normal.


It’s discussed in the thread I pointed you to: that was suggested early on and evidently wasn’t working for people. I think page 3 or 4 talks about it not working. =\