Ranked Skill Difference


what is the difference in skill between ranks in Street Fighter V

Rookie 0-500
Bronze 500-1000
Super Bronze 1000-1500
Ultra Bronze 1500-2000
Silver 2000-2500
Super Silver 2500-3000
Ultra Silver 3000-3500
Gold 3500-4000
Super Gold 4000-4500
Ultra Gold 4500-5000
Super Platinum 5500-6000
Ultra Platinum 6000-6500
Diamond 6500-7000
Super Diamond 7500-8000
Ultra Diamond 8500-9000
Master 9500-10000
Grand Master 10000-10500
Ultimate Grand Master 10500-11000
Warlord 11500 -12000
Hero 12000+?

what do people do differently between the tiers of skill. Where is the average player?


I don’t really understand this system. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just use a standard elo system, which is sort of what this does, but not quite. I think it’s probably still way too early to say what is average, simple because in this system everyone starts at 0 and builds up from there. If it were elo, then by definition average is supposed to be 1500. In this system, who knows what rank they intend to be average.


Considering there isnt a penalty for rage quitting average players r everywhere


It seems that the average player is fills Super and Ultra bronze. Intermediate players dominate the three tiers of silver.


I started playing ranked today and I won 12 straight which got me into bronze then i started to fight straight super bronze and all types of gimmicks some players lagged some players leave. Sometimes I felt like I could not do my links other times it was crisp. I feel like since playing super bronze players I started jumping way to much. People mash jab after block strings on defense I feel like I’m losing. I fell to rookie and beat everyone back to bronze the skill in bronze --> super bronze is all over the place. I got hands layed on me by some people in super bronze and made me dizzy but then i’ve double perfect others playing Most of my fights are people in super bronze but i’m only 500points in bronze they are over 1k points. I don’t feel like a horrible player but what if I am. This game is completely different form 4 in many ways. I was a 3k is player in 4 touching 4k sometimes. I mained dudley


Platinum isn’t the highest.


Personally I wish they upped the point loss rate like if I lose I want to lose 400 points not 50-100. Just miiiiine tho lol.


What’s the highest


The ranks kind of confuse me as well, I fought a couple guys that weren’t even ranked and earned an award that something to the extent of fight better competition… I CAN’T CHOOSE WHO I WANT TO FIGHT IN ONLINE RANKED!!! For the life of me I am confused.


Platinum is just the highest achieved so far.

This post speculates that there may be many more beyond platinum. And if you look at SF4 there was grandmaster at 30k bp

There was also a cross counter tv video welcoming back Combofiend and Mike Ross asked what the highest rank / league was. Combofiend said nobody had reached the highest and suggested Mike Ross grind it out and be the first to reach the highest.





The highest is White Gold




The reddit post isn’t accurate about the LP required to rank up, Art passed 9k LP and he’s still Platinum.

(He makes 1LP versus Ultra Bronze and just lost 1 match for 150LP :expressionless: )

The next titles found in the files:



I was about to say diamond will be next and just saw the post by yaj with gifs from the files.


Goodness. Its going to be a grind to get those higher levels. The game needs to mature more so more people are higher up so they arent getting 1LP win matches. Thats insane.


Its the same in SF4 though.
I want it to mature aswell so people will be less likely to ragequit. There is a trophy on PS4 for reaching gold league so I have a feeling that alot of people are ragequitting to try to get that trophy. Once the average player is gold rank the ragequits won’t be as prevailant (I hope).


More LPs seem to enter the game than leave it, so people should on average have more LPs over time.

I stopped playing ranked after getting gold and that was some days ago. Since then I’ve gone from like rank 900 down to like rank 1500 while I’ve been playing casuals. More people are entering the circuit and they’re getting more points than they lose. I noticed when I won against higher ranked people than myself/lost to lower ranked people that either it would b equal (Like I lose 65 they gain 65) or skewed (I beat someone higher, I gain 85, they lose 75).


you crushed my confidence and self esteem

edit: owait I read that wrong
Thought I read Silver and Ultra bronze


Definitely needs to be an Ultimate Warrior