Ranked Vs. Player (Unranked)

When i first started playing Blazblue i jumped right into Ranked Matches thinking that the more skilled players played there more often. 59 levels later i decided to start using another character. Not wanting to destroy my record in the Ranked leaderboards, i started using my new character in Player Matches instead of Ranked Matches. To my surprise, the quality of the players i played in Player Matches often met my skill level and some even surpassed me in those terms. And im NOT talking about my secondary character. Lvl 40 guys were beating my main 10-3 and i dont even want to mention the score for my secondary. So what i thought would be a good place to train another character turned into me realizing all my flaws with my main. Ive already made this thread alot longer than i wanted it to be so ima just get to the point>>>>>

All you hard core Ranked dudes who think they’ve entertained and beaten the elites in Ranked Matches … Or if you were like me and thought the best were all in Ranked Matches ( don’t get me wrong, theres alot of talent in the Ranked area of Blazblue as well) … Or if you just want to improve your game …

Come on down to the Unranked Matches area and visit some rooms or better yet, make a room and see who drops in but be warned, your LVL DOESNT MEAN **** in Player Match.

i never play ranked matches because you can level up too fast too soon. it’s kind of like tricking yourself into thinking you are good at the game

Yeah but in player matches you get the lvl 1 guy who didn’t bother to look up combos who play you.

still, at lvl 40 i consider them about even, maybe because my tager sucks

i just play ranked now cause i can play a good variety of people fast. if i find a particularly strong opponent then i’ll invite them for player matches.

if you’re looking at player levels and thinking there’s some form of skill related to them, you need some fucking help.

I play Player matches.
Just find them much more enjoyable. You might actually LEARN something if you fight someone in a player match because if they have a mic you can ask them questions and whatnot later, then you can fight them again and re-apply what you learned.
But yes, sometimes it’s a bit difficult finding matches, overall you fight more scrubs but, eh, I guess it’s a matter of preference

combo of the two. tip advice right there

This, I enjoy playing ranked, but I play a decent amount of player matches, but only when I’m invited to them. After awhile in player matches I get sick of waiting for my turn to come back up, especially if It was a shitty loss and I want to redeem myself. :sad:

I definately prefer ranked over player matches just because of constantly getting kicked out of player matches. [I main Ragna so go figure.]

agreed. it also helps that you can watch the other players instead of just sitting there looking at a blank screen.

step 1: Make a player match room
step 2: The room to experienced player
step 3: instant fairly good players join your room
step 4:???
step 5: Profit!

hmmm … although player match can be rewardingly challenging, it is often filled with lvl discriminating hosts who kick other players based on how low or high there lvl is or there character main. On the contrary, ranked match is hosted by the server itself so the match beginning is determined by both players consent. I guess ranked is better for quick challenges but at times it could be equally frustrating to find a decent match (connection quality, stubborn opponents who just say no, or no one not being on period … etcetera)


Ive noticed most people will kick you if you main Ragna, Arakune, or 13. I dont know why on the Ragna aside from the button mashers running around lately. There also seems to be a lot of discrimination towards Jin players on Ranked matches. Ive gotten multiple quits before the match even started [no obvious signs of lag either.] just for picking Jin, or Ragna. And with the rank cards not loading at the beginning of matches sometimes its really hard to tell whos actually decent, or even who you will be fighting against. Now for me I like this aspect of ranked matches, I dont want to know what character Ill be fighting. Kind of makes it like a tournament feeling to it, you never really know who youll be up against. Especially with the way brackets are.

The thing I am sick of though is in player matches whenever I pick Arakune or V-13, I always end up against a button masher Jin or a grabby Noel lol.

In player matches I always play 3 matches with the person unless they are really laggy, and if they still stink by the third match then I kick them.

I haven’t had any problems playing ranked matches with Ragna. I only play player matches against people I know from outside PSN.

Your level and ranking means nothing in general and nobody should be using them as a basis of a person’s skill level. One person can easily grind to that level in rank and still suck while someone who doesn’t play as much could just wipe the floor with you anyways.

I’ve played against some of the top 10 players (within each of the character rankings) that are ranked on the PSN and are able to beat them or go evenly against them.

Kid Viper is like ranked 30293029309 overall and is level 43 but I guarantee you he is heads and shoulders above the majority of the PSN players; myself included.

Well said.
Again, the other day I ran into a level 60-ish Bang, so I thought this guy must be pretty godlike, never even seen a level 60 guy before. The guy was a super scrub, knew like one BnB combo and spammed the shit out of D nails.

Lets not turn this into the " I Hate High Level Players Thread Because They Spam Shit" thread. There are in fact many high level (online) Blazblue players out there who just exploit quick and dirty tactics with little or no originality however, there are some high lvl players who deserve there status.

playing rank was just for trophy, player matches last longer than just one battle. People always kick me because they take a look at my record…and if they don’t, they end up kicking me after i play them or they leave… if they manage to score 1 lucky win so its 2-1 for them or me in favor they leave right away making an excuse. Its hard to find a match. You can tell there still playing because they end up joining your room again and leave right away when they see your name…its funny some guy did that and refuse to answer a message.

i got to play some good players today in both ranked and player. i dont really mind losing, it’s a learning experience, it would be nice to play some of the players who beat me again, seeing how they use characters i never get matched up with.
but yeah, it’s annoying too when a good player comes into a room and you have a close game and when whoever wins they just bail, atleast play a couple games instead of one