Ranking battle questions

I live in TX at the moment, I have not seen any real ranking tournaments or anything related to any kind of ratings, why is this?
And if possible how would I go about hosting a official ranking event?
Not sure if this goes here but I’m just curious

Go to cali?
Maybe Houston or Dallas would have something. Check the regional forums.

Is there even a SF4 machine in Texas? If not that could explain why.

If you wanna host a tournament just go dig around the tournament forums. They usually have guidelines and guides on how to host one. But yea, Texas is not going to see hype like AI and Denjin. You guys have crazy T6 players though.

Yes, there are SF4 machines in Texas. Arcade UFO in Austin would be one place to go. Anyways, isn’t this in the wrong forum?

Ok folks thx much appreciated