Ranking battles!

with popularity of p2p + efnet increasing (thanks to my man nagata for the hard work), i think it’s about time we spruce up the livelihood of the srk p2p community by having ranking battles.


i suggest…

16 man capped brackets
weekly or bi-weekly
japanese single match/single elim style, 2/3 for finals
irc + p2p enforcement (coast to coast requires p2p, will not allow server usage)

where do i sign?

Nagata for Mayor for the hard work he puts in

i think it depends on how many people enter

16 or less - double elim , 18 or more - single elim until top 8

and yes to irc and p2p enforcement definitly

im all for it :tup:

AWWWW SHIIITTT im up in this piece lol…NAGATA FOR FUCKIN PRESIDENT OF ONLINE TOURNAMENTS!!! this would be cool to do japanese style…could make the tournaments go at a nice pace…finish at a reasonable time and can allow the players to play harder for a higher ranking…does anyone know how to do the point system thingy…ill record my matches and make it seem like a KSK ranbat with the name and points the player has…

saturdays… not sundays cause i can’t use p2p well enough here on campus :frowning:

If you guys want i can run it on saturdays… if nagata don’t wanna do it.


I’m on board if it gets going. :smile:

sounds like a good idea. props again to nagata for his hard work!

single game per match is different online though. one lag spike at the wrong time costing you the match is too much. it is also hard to adapt to the random style of a lot of online players in one game. single elim is understandable but reconsider single game.

good point actually…the random style thing is what ppl over in japan probrably do in there ranbats but the lag spike part is what stops the idea of single game matches…i concur

toughen it out crybabies! :mad:

consistency is proven over the course of time! the idea of an RB is to promote the scene and generate more activity and bottom line is to have fun playing the game. those with a competitive nature will win anyway :arazz:

get it poppin. im in.

So who’s up to run this?(I wouldn’t mind)

What is the ideal time for you guys?Sunday night?

im down sign me up

what do you think about setting a max ping?

LOL Take it easy exo lol…you can only call us crybabies when YOU get your ass off WoW and into the scene yourself SLACKER LOL :-p its a joke its a joke…take it easy lol…

i wouldnt mind any part of the weekend from fri-sun…i wouldnt mind doing video editing for the top 8 of the ranbats…to make it look NICE :tup::tup:

BTW my second and last vid from the Team tournament is up…check it out PPL


sunday is better
friday and saturday nights, people have stuff to do etc… i mean those are the only days off for people with school/work etc

i cant participate in ranking battles if it is on sunday… so count me out… stupid school interweb.

why don’t we just hold it weekly, and have it on friday/sat/sunday, ALTERNATING.

sounds good to me… i’ll start to host the first one on the 29th… that kool with everyone?

if nagata or anyone else wants to host we could perhaps alternate weeks?

and i can make a website to keep track of all scores and such…


sounds cool…make a thread like nagata does for time…emu, p2p,irc chat room and all that good stuff…GET it STARTED SHODO…you startin the fire and we’ll watch the fireworks :-p

While I’d like to help, Fridays and Saturdays are not going to happen for me as a director or a player. I pretty much make it a point to get out of the house because I work hard all week and need a release (that’s why I hold monthlies on a Sunday night). Good luck to everyone involved, it should prove a lot of fun if people stick with it.