Ranking glitch

For the last few weeks when I go to check my ranking the game freezes & I have to reboot. On the seldom ocation I do get to see my rankings it shows my wins & loses but my score is 0 and I’m ranked 68,000. Before this problem I was like 2,000. Is there any way to fix this or am I just screwed?

That’s what the system does to bad motherfuckers

completely new glitch that is unknown by all hdr players in the world

Aparently you have never seen Pulp Fiction. It’s a joke douche bag. Anyways is there a way to fix this? Or if I missed it is there a thread on this. I heard about some kind of bug but havnt seen anything on it.

It happens when you DC a lot (bad connection?), the system gets confused about your ranking and awaits moderation to fix it. Sometimes it goes away by itself if you keep your games stable.

I got it. There have been about a trillion threads and complaints about this.

thank god their is a update coming