Ranking match changes?! Whould be great if Capcom listen to this! Right?

Hello there, i was curious what you guys think abot my idea… here it is:

Instead of fighting Rankingmatches with 2-3 Rounds i would love to hafe the rankings more like a Evo like format with a 2 Wins while playing 2 Round matches maybe but not neccesary -->and the looser can choos a diffrent charakter the winner a diffrent Ultra

The Advantage would be

[] You can adapt to the playstile (no more “i only lost becouse…”)
] Bad Matchups would be covert
[*] PP would be more Playerskill and less random

The disadvantage would be
[*] No more quick Match since 3 Times 2 rounds can take 3x more time specialy if you can choos a diffrent charakter…

i would realy love this becouse it seems just more fair… im playing mostly grapler and the most ppl can not adopt fast enugh… this would gave them more time to adopt and the matches would be more mindgames less charaingans…

And if Capcom could pull off such a Ranked mode it would be a small stepp from offering a tournament mode with almost the same expirience like Evo to gain FightMoney…

Besides that just a quick note to something other… It would be realy great if Capcom offers a REMATCH button for 2 Player VS (not ranked) if nobody whants to change the charakter…

So basically you’re asking for Online evo mode.
Bruh, there’s endless for that.

They already do this in Killer Instinct at the higher ranks, I’d be surprised if Capcom doesn’t nut hug KI for yet another thing like this.

Although, you can’t change characters if you lose. It is just best 2 out of 3.

If this was pitched in as an extra mode, I’d welcome it (although it would up end dying like Team Battle after Day 1)

But to replace Ranked Battle? Try again.

Would be nice side mode for ranked matches.
Would also be cool to have a ladder that uses this system and make ladder seasons that end in the top placers playing a side tournament for Pro Tour points or some shit.

Really anything that pushes the e-sports side of the game is great for spectators and players alike.
Spectators can chug down more Mountain Dew and Doritos and players feel like they’re involved in something big and cool.

Works for League of Lesbians, Dota and Starcraft, would work for Street Fighter, too.

Rising Thunder does FT2 for ranked as well. No reason Capcom can’t do it for SFV.

On a related note, they should get rid of points and just do a straight up danisen system like Tekken where x amount of wins moves you up the next dan rank.

i dont neccessarily want to play the same person twice in a row, and certainly dont want to be forced to play another character or super. i wouldn’t play ranked mode at all with those rules and a lot of people would feel the same way.

they should do a monthly ladder like in the card game hearthstone. it’d be best if ur opponents name was hidden until you accept the challenge to fight. A ladder system ensures people will only play others who are actually close to their skill level, there’d be no cherry picking opponents based on rank, and getting to the top of the ladder each month could reward those players with someonething like a costume colour or character title or whatever. it’d also de-incentivise hacking leaderboards since theyre reset each month.

the prolem with only one tworound is that a scrub can win becouse you try to read a “monkey” after two rounds a skilled player can be devastating a other player if hey is easy to read this would improve the overall skill in ranked mode imho

the problem with sf4 is that it is far too sure that the better player will win.

shrinking the amount of points gained mitigates most of the issues with huge ranked swings. Like in SF4 i’ll sometimes play for 5-6 hours, move 100-200 points upwards and 1-2 losses can negate 5 hours of playing.

I don’t care much about 2/3 sets one way or the other, but I think it’s better if there isn’t character switching.

You don’t have as much desire for it online as you do in a tournament. There are different goals. In that situation, you’re facing elimination if you lose early, but online you’re going to play tons of matches either way.

one random match for ranked always made me laugh, it doesnt prove anything and people always take it too seriously. anyone can win one game at any time, get outta here with that

maybe have regular 1 game ranked match that gives you little points and the 2/3 mode which gains you significantly more points when you win

They could like , do something where you have your usual ranked matches and an “elite ranked” mode where you have to level up enough to be able to use that , where the elite ranked is the 2/3 mode , stakes are higher as you gain more points in elite , but lost points are punishing

wouldn’t that just let bad players with a lot of time on their hands move up the ranks really easily? Sure, that already happens, but an improved net code will negate a lot of the damage.

The only thing wrong with the points system is that losing is way too severe.

Regarding 2/3 matches in ranked, I would love it, but it seems REALLY harsh for new players. Imagine xXdoritoking420Xx winning his first match every time with gimmicks, and then getting downloaded as losing. “But I was so good in SF4, WTF!?” This guy is not buying DLC. Capcom wants every match to look close.

I think the ranking system in Rising Thunder is one of the high points of the game.
You rarely feel outmatched and rarely put a beatdown on someone when the search time was low.

Having a good mixture of looking for people on you skill level on an ELO-based system, that gets watered down with search times, and a visible ranking tacked onto it, is a pretty good way to handle ranked matches and evaluate the relative skill of a player.

The thing is, Rising Thunder’s ranks don’t actually reflect actual skill. They have a hidden ELO style points system running in the background.

yeah i saw pattheflip got to legend with a 60%~ winrate, but two guys i know had winrates in the 80s/90’s to get there

I think event lobby’s like ken mirror matches for supremacy or something like that where lobbies are created (either by Capcom themselves or user created) to give more of a variety online… Not just the play in these rooms for rank (… I think I just miss the goat days of online play with socom 2… Where if I wanted to play crossroads for 6 hours I could, some dumb random matchmaking telling me what to do with my time).