Ranking should be on per-character basis


I’ve mained Cammy since the game came out (I’m Silver in ranking), and I find myself wanting to try other characters. So I pick Birdie and load up a Casual Match. Instantly get matched up against a Super Gold Cammy (which in my experience should go in Birdie’s favour). I then get absolutely destroyed to the point where I just put my stick down and left the room half way through the second round. Didn’t learn a thing. I then got matched against a Gold Bison and the same thing happened.

So just now I am actively discouraged from ever trying a new character again. Unless I pick a new character and just keep losing until I am back in Rookie, but where is the fun in that? I know Rank doesn’t really “matter” but it’s nice to have the feeling of Progression.

Anyway they should keep your rank for each character.


well you can’t win if you give up.


If ur not learning anything then 2 me it sounds like ur fundamentals are not very gd. Someone once said 2 me that no matter ur opponent skill lvl there is always something 2 learn in every match

Sure when u first start out u will lose a lot but over time ur muscle memory and general knowledge of the character will get better. Stop focusing on how bad u lose and more on why. I swear this is the problem with a lot of u so called silver players, so focused on W’s u don’t think about anything else.


I agree with having a 2 rank system a la SF5, but the core skills you develop on any character that get you to Gold will still have you beating all the bronze players with any other character, so it would be unfair to them

Casual Match is really cool in this game so I advise that you spend a ton of time there, maybe a few weeks, with your new character before you take it to Ranked.