Ranking system design

Hi everyone,

I’m surprised to see how the ranking system works.

Because this system is only based on wins, it’s finally only a matter of played time. How am I supposed to have a decent ranking if I start playing 3 month after the release? Why aren’t we ranked by points like in SF4, this point system is implemented so what’s the point?
Having many victories doesn’t mean that you are good or not while you can have a lot of wins and a bad ratio, or you can smply win against low ranked players to rank up.

But most of all, it seems that the matchmaking is also based on wins so if I’m playing against someone who has the same amount of wins than me but with a very low ratio, it’s a free win so I will up in the ranking while I just played against someone surely less good than me.

What do you think about all this?
Does Netherealm has communicated about this?

By the way, is there an official forum for this game? Haven’t found it on Netherealm website :frowning:

The only real ranking system is if you can defeat good players or not, not some silly online table.

Agree but because of the matchmaking, I will never fight against good players if I don’t spend the same amount of time than them.

What do you mean by “silly online table” ?

Note that I’m purely talking about “what is a good ranking design or not”. I’m not complaining personally, I have a good ranking so this problem doesn’t affect me for the moment.

Dont play ranked: it’s full of terrible players who can’t even block. Player matches have plenty of good players just waiting for challenges.

You know, it’s always hard to take you seriously with that avatar.

Aquacanary never jokes around.