Ranking system? How does it work?

Sorry if this is a redundant topic, but maybe I missed it if it’s been discussed already. But I haven’t seen any threads here that discuss how the ranking system works.

For example:

  • how is everyone ranked? is it a point system? how are the points built?

  • do you only gain points from playing in ranked matches? what about tournament matches?

  • where does it even tell you what your ranking is, or the amount of points you have?

Perhaps some of you can shed some insight on this.


In my case Ranked Matches hardly work at all. I’m 1 - 0 100% win rate. :sunglasses:

1.) You get ranked on the overall ranking boards via “Rank Points”.
2.) You win matches, you get Rank Points. You can not lose Rank Points in any way whatsoever.
3.) Any Rank Points you earn will also be awarded to you as character EXP for the character you won with.
4.) Character EXP is used to determine your rank with specific characters.

I don’t know about tournaments and you can find your current world rank, character rank, W/L ratio, and points in the RANKINGBOARDS section of 3SO on the main menu after you first press Start.

It’s ass. I’m 41-0 and the guy above me is 40-43. WTF.

So I guess that means it doesn’t matter how many matches that players lose, it’s all about how many matches each player wins. So it’s quantity over quality… hmm, I don’t think I understand how that decision was chosen, but maybe there’s a good reason for it.

But I just don’t see why it can’t be more like a tennis ranking system, where you can gain ranking points and lose them as well. In other words, how about a system that rewards consistency in winning, and not just playing tons of matches. I mean, why have a ranking system at all… if it doesn’t really mean anything?

It’s just a thought.

^ Agreed

“Rank” must be able to be lost.

Taking into account that the replay filter has a cutoff point option for Rank 500+ players, I would assume that the producers of 3SO figured they’d have some seriously enormous mass gaming going on. I’m rank 10 and I have about 80 wins so far? That reminds me, I forgot to mention that they give players an actual “rank” as well. Sorta like a level in an RPG. As you get rank points you “level up” in rank. The entire system is pretty silly, tbh. Each next level requires more points than the last, too. It has nothing to do with your actual leaderboard rankings, though. Hahaha. So weird.

But yah, I don’t exactly agree with the ranking system not dropping rank points when you lose. Not much to be done about it.

The ranking system in this game really means nothing. Someone made a good point in another thread regarding this by stating that there are Top Ten players who are nothing but grinders. They play a lot of matches, but really lack a lot of high-level skillsets needed to compete on a serious tournament level.

But yeah…losing points for losses and whatnot seems like a better way to go.

Someone needs to introduce Derek Neal and company to the Danisen rules. I think they’re still posted on Denjin’s old website with aku’s translation.

It’s because the challenges are where your EXP comes from. For example, winning a match is always 40 EXP. Say you fully parried a super during the match, another 40, so 80 total. Or if you parried the super and lost, you’d still walk away with 40. It’d still be better if there were some way to lose EXP, though…