Ranks Points?

Just curious about the online ranking system…

I’ve played people who have like 300 wins and 250 losses but are still 8th lord.

What are the specifics for ranking up (win/loss?) and does anyone know the points for each rank?

Im 7th lord…Won 65 loss 35


I honestly have no clue. Maybe those people were on a losing streak so they were dropped down. Wait, they would probably still be higher than 8th.

the rank is not related to your record, to rank up you to collect some win streak, so you can also rank down if go in some loose streak, The rank of your opponet determinate how many point you get if you win or if you loose. To reach 5th lord you have to get 14000 point (Yuo can see your point pressing Rb or R1 in menu screen)

just cuz someone has a record like that doesn’t mean they are bad, my record is very similiar to that. like a 60% win rate but it’s because I keep trying new teams and of course you can’t be good with every character. If I played my main team every single match i’m sure i’d have a 75-80% win rate too but i get bored playin the same characters over and over. hell i was usin arthur, hsien-ko, modok yesterday just for fun and lost more than half the time although i had a few wins with them lol

I think there’s some kind of multiplier so when you get a win streak each consecutive win is worth more than the last, and the same goes for losses.

you rank up fast if you get win streaks

+1 on the win streak thing. I don’t think I have played 100 matches but I got to 7th lord by like 65 wins. I had two 15 game win streaks in there that must have helped considering I have seen some 9th lords with like 1000 games played!

what pisses me off is that i got a longer win streak on ranked on my room mates account than i do on mine

not only did i best my accounts win streak on ranked once, I DID IT TWICE, and to top it off, i was using the regular 360 controller (the regular one, using the joystick on that controller and i got a 10 win streak and then later a 9 win streak), when i use an arcade stick