Ransai pop'n music pcb swap?


So i picked up a good deal on a Ransai Controller, all buttons work, and all lit to :slight_smile:

Only issue is the controller will always have down left right always on.
using the top right yellow button is up which cause the axis to go to normal.
But this is making it very hard to play any games with it due to this problem.
Ive been told all ps2 pop’n music came like this to activate controller mode.

I’ve had an idea of either soldering it to my USB game pad I have laying around, or getting a zero delay encoder. I wanna make it USB and function how a normal button works.

Any idea or suggestion to fix it?



Hitting top right yellow will cause it to go to center.


it could be a microswitch,

Do you have a multimeter?


Yes, that is how Pop’n Music controllers work.
Even controllers from Konami have Left, Down, Right, shorted to Ground.


Actually i just fixed this.
After looking the PCB there was a ball of solder on the Left,Down,Right.

I was able to de-soldered those, and the controller works perfect now :slight_smile:
I had a spare USB pad read to go but was not needed.

Now i just gotta find out what type of bulbs this thing uses.