Rant #1: Will You Marry Me?


I did this video because of a message I got on myspace.
I <3 my afro puffs!


I watched your video. Me I would never do that. Asking somebody to marry you through online gaming I wouldn’t consider a good idea.It just depends on the person I guess. Especially the way the people are nowadays.As of right now I don’t see myself getting married:sad:.People tell me I’ll find the right one but the way things right now I just don’t see it happening:sad:.Most people don’t have good morals anymore.Too many kids are being boring in this corrupted world. long distance or online relationship seemed to never,but it depends on how much you’re willing to do to spend time with that person.



Im watchin ur video and why cant I have marriage proposals?? SHEEEIt… i mean not to be cocky but i think im a good looking guy. I play sports, i go to school, AND I PlAY GAMES. I SHOULD BE EVERY GIRL’S DREAM.

jk btw


interesting video…unfortunately the internet won’t stop being the internet and there will always be 'Live’tards


In This day and age as a girl gamer its shooting fish in a barrel when it comes to finding a gamer dude.

Us fellas still gotta work at it, unfortuantely you girl gamers out number us 15 to 1 (maybe higher?) :sad:.

The majority of guy gamers are looking for female gamers as their second half. Not saying it would be a match made in heaven, but it definitly gives a solid middle ground thats sometimes hard to find in new relationships.

Anyways thats my two internet pennies.:lovin:

P.S. Will you marry me?


Sweet tits, lets make out.


This is all that needs to be said.

Also: boobs.


OMG the boob comments are seriously as annoying as me fingering you up the ass Rush and Orochi.

Anyway, this day and age, lots of women are playing, and maybe you don’t see them that often online, but it’s easy to find them on any social networking site. There was a point in time when 75 out of 100 people on my xbl friends list were females.

Most of them actually have met their boyfriends or husbands by just playing with them online as well, so it’s not unusual, or weird. Like I said in the video, having casual conversation with female gamers online goes a long way, especially when we hear gross and immature remarks on our breast and other parts of our bodies while playing online 24/7, or other illiterate comments from guys who act like they’ve never talked to a woman before! It’s actually about as rare to us to hear a guy online that actually sounds like he has some sense, as it is for you to find a female gamer, so us gamers are pretty even, lol!


cool, so ummm… wanna go out with me next week and play Street Fighter 4. OH SNAP!!! you live in GA too. We can do so many things together.


You are making the assumption that just any girl gamer would be fine. I’ve met a few, and was not impressed. If you know any in San Diego, let them know rush down wants a girl friend and that hes really hot and good at video games.


nope I’m not making any assumption at all, and you can be sure that you aren’t any girl’s type. sexual harrassment gets you no where, son.


I like your dimples:lovin:

My work colleague married his gamer girlfriend… i think he’s a lucky bastard. I wish my gf shared some of my geeky traits… oh wait i take that back she does like to play bomberman live and outrun. :rofl: dont suppose you can persuade her to like other games…

But i guess opposites attract.


will you marry me?


No i wont!!!:arazz: /no homo<---------- :rofl:


So in other words you’re flattered, hence making a video of it.


To tell ya the truth, I wouldn’t call it “flattered” because that was about my 100th marriage proposal for being a geek or a bit of a tomboy, but I was mostly IMPRESSED because the guy was not only nice, intelligent, and respectful, we actually had quite a few more things in common that made it a nice conversation with this guy. And its not often that I’m actually the one willing to stay friends with someone I meet when a marriage proposal pops up immidiately, lol! With this guy, I could tell he asked more in a joking fun way, and less in a creepy E-stalker way, and I actually told him that he brought up a funny conversation I’d wanted to talk about in a vlog, and he thought it would be funny too.

And dn3000, I’d love to help you get your lady into more games! That’s one of my goals! Does she have a gamertag? I’d love to play with her!


Gotta remember this is a fighting game site. This genre is the biggest sausagefest of any genre. I mean, in my entire life, I’ve seen a grand total of 2 girls who I’d even call competent at fighters. One was a FOB, the other was some ultra rich girl who retired from KOF years ago.

Then again, who knows if some random person I played was a girl. I’d love to see some random girl go to Evo and start winning matches- that would be one of the hypest things ever.


What the fuck do you expect for making this thread? This whole thread is just a link to your youtube channel where you talk about how much guys want you.

Do you actually expect us to take you seriously?


I agree. I don’t see any point in making this thread


A girl…? On SRK? Times have changed guys… times have changed. ID tagged soldiers carry ID tagged weapons, use ID tagged gear…