Rant about mugen

If the mods don’t want this here they can feel free to delete it, however there are some things I just feel like saying about people who make mugen characters. They are just hypocritical, cry baby, prima donnas. There are some of them that are cool and just try to contribute, but there are a quite a few of them who seem to make characters for the sole purpose of having something to whine and bitch about.

If you’re a hardcore collector (probably no one in this forum) or just casually dabble (like me) you’ve probably run into this special breed of douche bag. They are the type of creator who likes to make Evil Angel Holy God Akuma 7XMB02-666 and then bitch when someone links to the character so people can actually gasp download it. It is their opinion that whenever you link to one of their characters, scratch that, even MENTION their character’s name you have to ask permission via e-mail with an obligatory cock sucking compliment. BTW, I use the term “their” loosely since “their” character is actually the intellectual property of Capcom, SNK, or pretty much anyone who isn’t them 99.9% of the time.

I just find it funny that they feel some artistic right has been violated when you do link or host their work. They will most certainly fill your inbox with threatening e-mails demanding you to cease and desist, all the while ripping sprites from mame for their next shoddy, unoriginal, frankensprite hack job of a character. Did they ask someone before ripping those sprites? Oh how do these masters of all that is fighting games even find the time to e-mail people? Especially when they are obviously busy balancing their characters so exquisitely that fierce punch combos into itself twenty times. (MB-02, Carnage, Orochi Iori etc. etc.) One must really wonder indeed.

You wanna know why most mugen communities are just a few random nerds with photoshop? You wanna know why most people think mugen is a joke? (besides the absurd balance problem) It’s annoying little punks like you. You make it unbearable to take the game seriously when you give a character every super known to man. And you also make it unbearable to try to help the mugen community because one eventually has to deal with a jackass like you. I hope you’re proud of yourself. Do us all a favor and mash on F1 please, and don’t even bother trying to continue.


  • Jin

This isn’t going to end well…


It probably wont, but i still agree wholeheartedly.

I do too.

The fighting game community on Gaia (lol) are crying in unison right now at, Higher-Jin’s post.

They think Mugen is like…gods gift to fighting games.

Sorry…but M.Bison Vs. 1st Stage of Mario Brothers = Epic Fail.


I still love the idea behind Mugen. I am actually planning on creating a fighting game using original characters that use Mugen’s engine. It is a ton of work doing everything from scratch instead of frankenspriting, but its a lot of fun.

It is a shame Mugen could not have had the flourishment it deserved.

How many times have we had this same topic now?

flashes Saotome symbol

Mugen sux. This is terrible. Why people even play that crap is beyond me. I want to cry now that this topic has been made and I was smart enough to post in it before it closed. Now I will become famous.

agreed, beat him to it. why cant you bitch about mugen in the mugen thread? =/

Time to bring the Nazi Mod Lock AV back?

and that’s why I got Art modded, nigga knows what’s up mod daps