Rant: I'm insanely bad at this game! Help!


Excuse me, but i have to rant a lil and get this off my chest about how terrible i am at this game. I just got my ass handed to me by my homeboy who hasn’t touched this game in years. (32 to 0 to be exact). Im quite furious at the moment. I don’t think i’ve ever been so terrible at a game before, lol. I’m generally decent at fighting games, but when it comes to the pre-alpha street fighters i’m insanely bad.

I have a pretty solid understanding of footsies, zoning, combos, and can get most of the execution down for most games. But in this game (and all the older sfs for that fact) nothing works and im just gettin owned. No matter who i use. I can’t seem to understand how this damn thing works! at first i thought maybe i’m being overly aggressive/antsy and i should slow it down, but i end up just getting trapped in the corner/mixed up to death.

reading guides/forums/faqs and practicing in the training room just doesn’t seem to help. I’m thinking it might be the pacing of the game? I’ve gotta be missing something in the fundamentals/game mechanics here.

I’ve been playing SSFIV and getting better at it as of late, but for some reason i seem to be getting even worst at hd remix than i was ever before! Street fighter itself was a challenge since i’ve come to realize how much more difficult and strategic it is to the other fighting games. I’m actually quite good at the 3d fighters, and the fast paced fighters (guilty gear, blazblue, KOF), but when it comes to street fighter i get rocked. Especially the older ones.

Anyone care to enlighten me as to what i’m missing here? How can i suck less at this damn game!?!? Is there something wrong with my mentality of how these games work astray? I am willing to practice more, but there must be a right way to practice with this game because the hours i’ve sank in to this doesn’t seem to help. I’ve gotta be doing something wrong, perhaps it’s bad habits from fast paced games? help!


I’m thinking this might be it. SF2 is a very different beast from other fighting games. Super Turbo and HD Remix are very high damage, fast-paced type of games. They can be a very rewarding experience if you get good at it, or a very frustrating experience if you can’t get the hang of it.

If you haven’t seen these videos before, I highly recommend them:

ST Tutorial Videos: [media=youtube]d0cFs5mHQC4"]Beginner, Intermediate, [[media=youtube]6i1TPQQ_AVA"[/media]

[URL=“http://streetfighterdojo.com/superturbo/”]Street Fighter Dojo](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8dD3K2_Pz4"[/media) (youtube vids of top Japanese players)

Good luck!


In addition to it, what character was he using, and what character do you use?


It sounds like your primary goal would be to hold your own or even beat your buddy.

If that is the case, then you actually might have a much easier road ahead of you than many of the players on these boards.

Here are the questions we need answered first:

  1. What is your buddies full name and online name?
    This is important because he might happen to be one of the handful of disturbingly good known players, and as such there really is no shame in losing to him.

  2. What character(s) does your buddy use? What character(s) can you execute the moves with?
    SF2 is mostly a game about matchups: learning how to play a specific character against another specific character. To be successful in beating your friend you don’t have to learn everything about the game, you only need to learn how to pilot a single character in the specific matchup vs. your friends character.

To make things even easier, we can figure out a character for you that has an advantage over your friends. This should give you a much easier time in beating him.

Once the people on these boards understand which two characters will be fighting, they can give you exact advice on how to win that fight.

Every character has tons of moves, tons of options, tons of strategies, tons of strengths, and tons of weaknesses. It can make for a massive amount of information and a daunting learning curve mountain.

But if you isolate it down to just one matchup for that character, MOST of those moves/options/strats/etc. are discarded (just not used) in favor of the much smaller subgroup of moves/optoins/strats/etc. that are your character’s best for that matchup.


Yeah i just want to not suck with this game, like at least hold my own, lol. As for characters, actually we pretty much swapped around with all the characters. Although he was the best with bison, the shotos (ryu/ken/sagat), and zangief/thawk. I had more a fighting chance when he was playing everyone else, especially when he was playing dhalsim. I was pretty much only playing ken, sagat, and blanka. He didnt’ use chun, cammy, fei, guile and the rest of the cast as much, but when he did i still got rocked, just not as bad. I think i was the best with blanka and sagat actually.

Seems like he would get the best of me with crossup combos that really hurt and tic throws. I also couldn’t score many clean knockdowns with him. I seem to have a lot of trouble with his jump-in attacks (especially after i throw a fireball, and when he’s bison his headpress/devils reverse always gets me), and i always lose the air-to air fight. Seems like he shuts down my wakeup reversals too. (via crossups/meaties. he doesn’t really bait me) My homie’s xbla handle is alphabanker. I doubt he’s one of the top players you’re talking about tho.

Thanks for the videos by the way. Just watched them and they were extremely helpful. Is there a specific place where i can find the matchup/setup info? like how the video mentions “pressing the advantage”, i’d love to read about the specific advantageous situations you want to get into for each character, and the specific traps you can do with each.


Ok here is your anti bison strategy with ken.

Get a knockdown, then do jump in attack > knee bash. When he gets out, either do walk under short knee bash again, safe jump jab knee bash against, fake walk under short knee bash again, sweep, or jab dragon punch.

Repeat until you win


Also what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…You have to remember you’re a beginner & the other guys have a huge head start. If you continue to play/learn the game you will get better. Just dont give up.

What i like to do is learn from losses…Try to remember why did i lose? What other moves can i do, to counter that. Ask your friend to do constant head stomps & try figuring out where you should be at to counter, what punch/kick button works best. Having a sparring partner is great. Or ask someone here who specialize on a certain character & ask help for that matchup…

Training mode is also your friend…Practice using your moves so its second nature…


Thanks for the tips guys. Will most definitely try that trick for ken.

Actually a friend of mine has been helping me spar in SSFIV as of late and that’s how I’ve been able to get better. unfortunately he doen’t have hdremix. Would anyone here have sometime to spare to gimme some tips via some games on XBLA? my gamertag is instanoodlz. Also, I’d imagine that if i get better at HD remix i should see improvements on SSFIV right?


hdr is a harder game, but I think the skills translate well?

You need more than low forward fireball to win in ssfiv though


The only advice I can offer is just to stick with it.

I was complete ass when I first started playing (about 20-100 or so on Ranked). After you play it enough, you’ll get the hang of everything. Another thing that I learned to do was be more patient. You can get scrubbed to death easily in this game online. And when playing good players… still maintaining composure and being patient is helpful.


There’s your problem. Almost nothing you learn in SSIV can be applied to HDR, and vice-versa.


Ah. Ok i should probably treat these two as separate games then. I guess i just have to keep getting my ass handed to me for a little longer and hopefully i’ll understand how it works? lol.

I’ve actually begun reading the yoga book hyper excerpts and it seems to be extremely helpful. the SRK wiki also seems to give out good detailed setups/advantage situations too. I’ve also realized that a lot of the moves doesn’t seem to be the same execution wise, but i guess learning it wouldn’t hurt. Also being that the game seems to punish hard for whiffs it should teach me to be more careful/strategic/patient, which should help my SSFIV in the long run. Hopefully it’ll rid me of the bad jumpin/airblock/rushdown habits i picked up from KOF. I’m gonna hit up the training room and play the arcade on hardest to train the new techniques, then play some more with my homie and hopefully not get rocked as hard, lol. Thanks for the help guys.




It can be hard learning in a vacuum: when you are trying to teach yourself by just trial and error off the top of your head.

For an easy way to get some tips, if you’re getting thumped by a player then just pick the exact same character your opponent uses. At least that way he will show you what tactics you should be using.

Or, have your buddy switch characters with you, so you can see how he would be handling the same matchup.


Record matches.


Ask for critique.




The best place to go if you want to find out the most advantageous setups for a certain matchup is the Street Fighter Dojo site. It has vids of every character vs every other character as played by top Japanese players such as Daigo, Futachan, ARG, etc. You can see what the pros do in every matchup and can gain tips for what works and what not.


Well noodlz if u want we could sparr im also tryin to up my game in hdr. My gt is on the left an most on my friends play ssf IV…myself included but just enjoy fighting games. Well anyways if that sounds good hit me up, including any top notch players here if yall dont mind discusing strats and givin me pointer to help me learn…thanx


i am in the same boat noodlz, i am trying to figure out ryu zoning game but i am just getting destroyed. never played a character who had to zone using a fireball. i wish i could play offline more it just seem so smooth.