[RANT] My unmodded madcatz TE just died >:(


I got my ps3 TE back in December when it was cheap on newegg. Everything was working well until today. Everytime I press a button it would change the turbo status of that button no matter what. I tried to connect it to my laptop. Same thing happens. If I turn on the console then plug the stick in it takes some turning on my dualshock 3, pressing the TE home button like mad, praying and black magic before it responds. :frowning: When I turn it over I can also hear there’s something loose inside :wow:

Good thing is it’s still under warranty, but if I send it in that means missing a month of blazblue… :shake: Ugh, I guess this is some divine intervention to get me to go out more lol


Give Madcatz a call. The way that the stick is unplayable you are already missing out on Blazblue anyway so might as well send it in.


Yea, call them. They will help.