Rant on 90's Kids


Believe it or not, the 90’s Kid subculture is still going on. And I’m Getting real PISEED at the niggas who doin it, so I am going on a little diatribe.

IF you look at most of these false claiming niggas, they seem to correlate the early 2000’s with the 90’s… WTF?

I looked at the music video of Still Fly on youtube, and niggas were thinkin 2002 was old school.???

I also went on some stupid ass Toonami forum and some nigga thinks 2003 has a lot in common with the 90’s… WTF?

So basically I gon say this:

If you were young enough to stay up past your bedtime and watch Adult Swim on saturday nights back in 2002, you’re not a 90’s kid.

If you think the Playstation 1 was popular althroughout the 90’s, then you aren’t a 90’s kid. The PSX had an abysmally uninteresting line up until 1996, and the console didn’t gain major attention until 97’.

If you think online gaming didn’t exist back then, you aren’t a 90’s kid. Xband would like a word with you. Direct IP connections in Doom would like a word with you.

If you don’t remember the EAS replacing the EBS, then you aren’t a 90’s kid.

It pains me to say that I was born in the 90’s; summer of 1991 what’s up. But I don’t act like no false claimin faggot who thinks they were there for every single moment of the 90’s. None of you so proclaimed 90’s kids remember Yugoslav wars, or the 2 Russia-Chechenya wars, or the Rwandan Genocide… Fucking nublets.


I don’t understand why being a 90’s kid is such a point of pride on the internet. Granted 00’s kids are retarded but still.


Most self-proclaimed 90’s kids on the Net were probably born in 1993. They’re actually 2000’s kids and they don’t know it.

There’s nothing 90’s about Ludacris, or the Gamecube. There’s nothing 90’s about Cartoon Network from 2001. Did any of you 90’s kids watch Vampire Hunter D when it aired on Cartoon Network back in 1995, or on TBS back in 94’? That’s right, I thought not.


Who cares?



If you weren’t at least seven years old when Batman: The Animated Series premiered, you’re not worth a shit.


The talk of an 00 kid sympathizer. I’m watching you.


Woo I make the cut.


09’er was probably born in 1992


I was born in 1985…I feel prehistoric after reading all this…



We didn’t have Vampire Hunter D back in my day, we had Ninja Robots and Doug.


You must have been too young to remember VHD comin on at night.


Stupid fucking thread made by a stupid fuckin person.


“Kids today Suck, Not like -my- generation” -said those from the 80s about the 90s, the flower children about the 80s, the folks of the 50s about the flower children, those of the Jazz genreation about the Rock N’ rollers, The Victiorian Idealist about the lost Generation… need I go on?


FUCK U troll


The only difference now is that kids are retarded AND they document it. Tards, idiots, nutters, assholes and dumb little shits before at least would try to hide it. I think I blame Jackass for this. Then again, I can’t be mad at them, seeing a midget get hit in the nuts will never stop being funny.
You gotta watch out though, because the “newer than me are retarded” thing does work with SRK join dates. True story.

Edit: When I think about it, it’s not an age thing. It’s an era thing. Plenty of people born pre 1990 right now are acting retarded as a product of the newer era. We live in a time where being offended trumps being right, ignorance is celebrated, and “having read a wikipedia article” makes you an expert. Fuck this whole thing being about kids being dumb, everyone’s dumb.


So OP is trying hard to take BeGuiled’s crown was most worthless member


WTF is this thread?
Yo, anyone born 1990 or later can fuck off. Y’all niggas don’t know shit.


Gonna have to fight Learis1 for that.