Rap battle goes terribly wrong .

:wtf: :rofl:

I’m not gonna decipher that…


Wow…"fucking your dad"
Horrble, horrible rhymes.

i turned it off after “yeah my penis is kinda small”, the look on that chick’s face said all that needed to be said.

this shit nearly killed me:lol:

hahahahaha dead

the interview at the end did not help his case 1bit.

Honestly, I thought this was gonna be the “Oh you mad cause im STYYYYLIN on you” rap battle…thank god I was wrong.

I’m in tears because of this :lol:

That guy in the hoodie is rad

I also thought it was going to be the “styling on u” vid.

After seeing what it really was, I wish it WAS the “styling on u” vid.

Dat niggas gay… corny ass guy… sounded like that bit at the start of black dynamite.

haha lmao


This dude!


“Yeah my penis is kinda small but it’s small enough to get in ya dad and tickle his wrinkly balls”

wheres riley freeman when you need him

ya its true i do anything for munnies.
this guyyyyyyyyy. youre not supposed to agree with someone in a battle youre supposed to FLIP their shit.
“yo you fucking clown baby retard gay ass bitch” quickly applying clown makeup with gimp hand while getting fucked by someones dad is NOT the proper reply. he lost.

Nigga you gay…



With a title like “Rap battle goes terribly wrong” I came in expecting someone to get shot.

I left wishing I was right.


Chick was kinda cute…

Oh, that nigga gay btw…FAAAR better ways to rhyme words…“dick small, smash pussy walls” bravo! :rofl: