Rap Battle With KO



watch until the very end.


“look at his face now” Whoa, these niggas has some serious issues.


lol yeah i felt kinda bad for the guy.


With a title like that, I was expecting KO vs Nuki or something.


I watched this yesterday and I didn’t understand what was going on. I understood just enough to decide that the dude yelling and swinging is a disgrace of a human being on so many levels, and that’s about it. I decided to sleep on it and try again later.

Well I just watched it again and I still don’t understand what was going on. I guess I’m too small-town for this shit. :rofl:


Ugh, what the fuck? I hope the guy who threw the punches gets cancer. Seriously. Like, right now. Its one thing to start fighting over a rap battle (which I don’t understand) but when the guy with the braids is obviously harmless, although a little off his rocker, the other guys sucker punches and stomps him TWICE… jesus christ, what a fucking coward.


Stupid ass hell but dude getting put to sleep was funny but never the less just sad.


If you look at the end you can see the dude running up, cocking his fist, and delivering the final devastating blow.



More like FATAL KO! :wasted:


Riley was there too.


i kinda feel like that was on some weak shit but oh well its funny nonetheless.


I heard that too, haha.


Who is Riley?


bored spammin lol white guy spam


I thought it was going to be a cleaner hit.