RAP v3 SA Angled Wrist Rest

I’m still debating between the TE and the RAP v3 SA, but I’m concerned about the wrist rest. Is there enough room on the RAP to be comfortable to use?

I think so… I’ve got both. The HRAP V3 SA is fairly comfortable.

What I’ve found uncomfortable as time has gone on are the HRAP 1 button layouts. Unless I cover up/discontinue using the farthest left buttons, it’s uncomfortable. Chop those buttons out of us, you’ve got a layout identical to the Dreamcast Agetec joystick button layout, only a few degrees off of the Viewlix layout used on the TE’s and HRAP V3’s.

I believe that the design of the HRAP V series was meant for table play for maximum comfort. That or play on lap with the stick furthest as possible away from your body(near your knees).

HRAP V series design = ergonomic design of the Vewlix CP.
TE series design = similar look to the Vewlix CP(white bezels).

I have both sticks and I like both of them. I would get a TE if you can find one at a local GameStop tho.

The slant may be comfortable, but that does not make it ergonomic. I wouldn’t advise leaving your wrists in this position for extended periods of time.


The positions shown here apply as much to joystick use or piano playing as they do to typing: http://www.ergomatters.co.uk/blog/rsi/forearm-extensor-muscles-wrist-position-and-rsi/

That pic is rather BS and as the height at which you play using a stick is completely different than using a keyboard. Seeing as how your elbows are above the waist, you still are forced to use angled wrists. For those with medium sized to smaller hands the TE is actually worse as you have to rest your wrists(not palms) on the flat faceplate and it restricts movement. On the HRAP only your palms are touching no matter the size of your hands so your wrists have the freedom to move at whatever angle is comfortable.

For either stick you shouldn’t be using it like an fps on a keyboard anyways. Playing like that is bad for your wrists no matter which way you do it. Your hands should be moving freely when playing to minimize strain.

If you rest your hand on that slant, and lift your fingers up to press the buttons, you’re putting your wrists at the same bad angle as you are if you rest your hands while you type (or play the piano, or whatever). If you lean waaaaaaaay back and slant your stick away from you, you could keep your wrists in a neutral position.

I’m not sayin’ it’s gonna kill you or anything, but it is not ‘ergonomic’ just because it looks like a comfortable place to rest your hand. You would be better off resting it on the flat surface of a control panel that has more empty space under the buttons than you would resting it there, in terms of wrist angle and how it compresses your nerves.

Thanks for the replies guys. I haven’t answered since I was on night shift for the last few days.

So the angled edge feel more comfortable? That’s cool. Just I’m debating between the two a lot, and price is a bit of a factor, but not a whole lot.

I guess all things equal in terms of price, the RAP is still the way to go?

They are both good sticks but if you plan on dual modding I would recommend the TE since the teasy mod is solderless. I just installed a teasy strike s in my chun li TE last night and it took me 30 min cause I had to reread the info couple times just to make sure I wasn’t doing anything wrong. It turned out good. Really simple mod.

Was that on a 360 stick?

None of the gamestops by my home have a TE in stock. Guess I’ll wait for a price drop.

Yea it was on a 360 TE. I got my TE from gameshark online store when they had the 15% sale. I haven’t been playing FG for a long time since SFIV. I always pick the wrong time to buy a stick and this time I ended up buying three lol.

I may end up buying on there. Missed the 15% off as well due to belaboring. I’ve never modded anything in my life, so is the Teasy mod really that easy?

It’s an easy mod as long as you follow the tutorial that’s on the site.