Rape Ad? I am NOT joking. Read the damn thing



IS SHE SERIOUS!?!?!?!?!? “A childish prank?” "Intended no harm? " Well, in before “I bet she gets off with a slap on the wrist to no punishment because womenz” post.



I’ve read of this being done by jilted ex-boyfriends, women jealous of their ex’s new relationship, and such. But never because someone didn’t win a bid on a house.

The article says that she wanted the house because it’s one story and her daughter is handicapped. But obviously she didn’t take into consideration what’ll happen to her daughter if she gets jail time for this.


I’m more shocked that there’s a San Diego in Florida… wait, what do you mean this isn’t in Florida?


Florida is an extradimensional demi-plane and is infinite in space, therefore containing a hellish instance of every place on Earth.

Or at least that’s what the Retirement Dungeon Guide says. :tup:


Since most people won’t read this far, here’s an excerpt from the 3rd page of the article linked to in the OP’s article.



“Childish prank etc. etc. No harm” yah, sure I gue-
“Pretended to be the wife and Invited strangers to the couple’s house for sexing” Nope!


If this were Florida however, all bets are off (and everybody would be standing their ground and shooting each other).




Specially white women :coffee:


Really? She fucked with people’s lives because her daughter is handicapped? She needed an “outlet”?
Why wouldn’t she just abuse her daughter like a normal person would?



Some bitches just need shot.


HEY! Dont bring us into this lol


jesus fucking christ. that judge needs to be put away as well. he didnt think the woman wanted the homeowner to be raped??? WTF is that shit?

doesnt matter if she wanted it or not, if that girl did get raped it would all be her fault. also lol at the judge calling the guys wimps because they didnt actually fucking rape her. how in the fuck does someone like that get a job as a superior court judge???


Still a better story than Cold Creek Manor.


Eh its innocent enough, theres tons of comparisons: Hitler just wanted to stretch his germany arms out through other countries, then BAM the us drops a nuclear bomb on japan.


Global warming, thats the one to blame


Rape fantasies are so much fun. Highly recommended.

As for the woman and her deranged sense of humor, I’ve always wondered if people actually do stuff like that to other people, and apparently they do. It’s a pretty scary idea, that some nut-job neighbor could put your personal info up on the web like that and invite people to come to your door. She’s obviously nuts, but unfortunately, the world is full of people like that.


Every white man who has never smacked a white woman is part of the problem. Only those pious souls who dispense justice with their pimp hands are excluded from blame. Exceptions are allowed if you have choked or shaken a white woman.


that article is terribly written. took me like 3 times to figure out what happened. but yeah…that bitch is crazy, lock her ass up.


Im waiting for Mattriarch to show up and claim this lady was OK cuz she was distraught and bla bla bla mental issues bla bla bla fuck women