Rapid City , South Dakota - Lookin ta make a scene!


Hey so i decided to make a post ta see if there’s anyone else out in the rapid city area that wants ta get together and throw down in all that is fighting games.
I know they have a scene in Sioux Falls but i don’t think a 6 hour drive there and back is gunna work to well for me on a weekly basis. so if any one in rapid wants to meet up just pm me or post your online handle and we’ll see if maybe we cant get something going in our area.


Based on the forum, it doesn’t seem like you had much luck, but I thought I’d ask. Any growth / players over there?


lol nope, not even 1 or 2 that I could teach, all mmo rpg & fps players overhere. I was the only person who went to TTT2 launch lol.


Def not sure if this is active but I live in Rapid, I play on a scrub level on the games which I do play (3rd Strike, MvC2) for PS3, we could play sometime (once I get my ps3 from amazon) PSN=Bootcampclik516


dang been off srk forums for a minute. came back to find this, im pretty ass at both those games but i have the heart of the warrior. so if push comes to shove i will become not ass at those games. look forward ta some matches wit cha … granted ur still playing (on account of me missing ur message by 3 months lol).


I might be moving there in the future. Its a slim chance of moving, but I was looking to see who plays what in the area just in case. If I do move down I can play kof13, ae, and marvel, but mostly just kof13. I’m not sure what games you play but I’d try to help make a scene at the least if I get there.


i’d love ta play kof13, and as far as other games go … i just like fighting games you name it i’ll at least give it a try.


I’m going to be moving out to Rapid City sometime in January. I play any and all fighting games, but the only one I’ve been seeing recent success in is AE. My Marvel skills are slowly coming back though, and I’m always down to learn/play Tekken, Skullgirls, KoF13 and pretty much anything else involving buttons and mashing.


Is this post still active I just moved from rapid to Minnesota but I’m always down to play some umvc3 I’m pretty legit if I do say so myself lol add me ps3 JMontana612


Just got skullgirls as well so add up lets get it going let’s rep rapid lol


Well if anybody plays CvS2, MvC2, MvC, 3s, SF4AE(don’t play much) hit me up on the psn account listed in my previous post, thanks


hey been gettin back into fighting games recently after a brief hiatus, rpedraza08 i have u added on psn what times do you usually play wouldnt mind getting some games in. i dont have 3rd strike on ps3 but wouldnt mind getting some games in just about anything else.