Rapid fire projectiles?

The other day I was playing, and I managed to throw 2 fireballs in a row… like immediately after one another (of different strengths) similar to Remy’s rapid fire booms.

Thing is… How did I do it?? Something to do with partitioning I’m sure… It would be quite the trip if you could fill the screen with upward and horizontal FBs. :slight_smile:

You may not have two normal (non-EX) fireballs on the screen at the same time. You may not have two horizontal EX fireballs on the screen at the same time. However, you may have as many upward EX fireballs and Yagyou Damas on the screen as you like, plus one horizontal EX fireball or normal fireball.

How do you get an upward EX fireball? Just shoot it when the opponent is in the air.

ooooh, so there is a limit on how many FBs you can have… dang. I was hoping it was like Remy. Oh well.

Because when it happenned, I hit with AA upward normal FB, then immediately did horizontal FB…

I still wanna learn how to do it though, if only to whip out constant FBs against a cornered opponent or something. :slight_smile:

Well you can whip them out if the fire ball hits. such as hitting them in the corner with air fireball and then immediately hitting them with lp.firefabll before they land followed by standing roundhouse. this is demonstrated awesomely in Man of Gold. which you’ll have to get from Jinrai on #irc cuz karathrow is dead. or you can also mail it to people using yousendit.com. Thats how i got it.

Man of Gold is available on combovideos.com. SlimX does a better job of showing a multiple fireball corner combo in one of his videos… Vol. 4, I think.

There’s something to consider with Oro, though. Traditionally, a character can shoot a second fireball while the first is fizzling out. Not so with Oro. His fireball’s fizzle animation is really long and you can’t toss another one until it’s finished.

soo… any chance of filling me in on how this is done? :stuck_out_tongue:

Any shortcuts I can do?

Charge back, forward, back + Punch. As Oro starts the first fireball, he’s already charging for the second.

Ok, it’s not buffered FB, it’s definitely partionioned. I can’t charge FB fast enough otherwise…

Although, buffered is prolly the only one I’ll ever need…

I can do it fine buffered. As long as you wait until the fireball is completely off the screen (ie. fizzle animation is over), there’s no problem.

ok, push (let’s say ken) all the way into the corner… stand right next to him and do horizontal FB (it will whiff past him). I can’t do immediate repeated buffered FBs in this situation, but I can do repeated and immediate partioned ones…

Buffered is good enough from farther out, and with the restrictions, (fizzle, etc), but I don’t think it allows immediate FBs one after another (no waiting). But how usefull is that?? prolly not at all i guess… damn restrictions.