Rapid fire sonic booms



i hear there’s a way to “machine gun sonic booms” with Guile - how is this done?


What u do is wait for the first sonic boom to dissapear from the screen, then throw another one.


There’s some kind of glitch Japanese were doing in a video where they could partition (sp?) the charge like in 3S, but it required the game to be set at like Speed 1 and they used a programmable controller pad to do it with, so I don’t think it’s very practical. It was debated how it was done in Fighting Game Discussion a while back IIRC.


where’s teh video?


Instead of doing charge back, forward+p to throw the sonic boom, you can do charge back, forward, bring the joystick back to charge+p.

SO it looks like back, forward, neutral+p, it cuts down that extra second you need to charge, very helpful.