Rapid Seismo loop



Hey guys, not sure if this question has already been addressed but I was wondering if anyone knows it this technique would be easier on a square gate or octo gate? I am aware that to pull this off you need to perform the shoryuken motion and then quickly tiger knee the following motion repeatedly without returning the stick to neutral. I have both gates and just wanted to see if anyone has tried experimenting with these and found an easier method. This is definitely a hard technique to master and need advice. Thanks


I really would think this comes down to personal preference. I personally don’t think it would be harder on either, once you have the technique down but more that you have have to be used to doing it on the specific gate you are choosing to use. That said, if you are used to using and can use octo, I might see how this motion could be somewhat smoother than with a square gate. Not easier per say, but just a smoother motion.

Octo gates take some time getting used to in their own right if you learned originally on square/default gates.


I can do it pretty well on square gate. I find octo is only necessary for motions that require you to hit multiple corners. For seismo spam you only need to hit one. (I don’t go all the way up to sj cancel)
I still can’t do SF4 Viper’s seismo spam for the life of me, though.


Best thing for this is a hitbox. I can do frame perfect spam 50 times in a row without looking on a Hitbox…dooooooo it.


Yeah but you had to pay $200 lol. OP for me its far easier on octo.