Rapper From St. Louis Gets Slapped While Freestyling

Video: Violated: Rapper From St. Louis Gets Slapped While Freestyling On Camera! (Hops In His Car & Drives Away)


I could have sworn we have a rap thread.

Damn. :rofl:

Whats the story behind that one?

lol安here the hell was this in st. louis

black people.

What a bitch. He just walked away? Funk that junks

Think Ludacris said best,

I know its strange
But my brains gone really insane
And Im off the chain
Sipping on a fifth of the Golden Grain
I feel like slappin

You see now if he were to turn around and stab him people would talk about him Overreacting and shit but to me his actions call for a hurting.

That being said, I rolled out my chair laughing.

Slow-mo had me rolling.

Oh you mad cuz Im stylin on you
you could have better gear and couldnt style it on me
listen, plus the cal is on me
so act up
and you gon fuckin have to lay dow

I remember that video too lol

guy looked like we was gonna pull a burner out!

guess he shouldnt be filming freestyles in other peoples neighborhoods?