Rapper In Saint Louis Get's Slapped While Freestyling



In my opinion, whenever you go to any unfamiliar hoods, that’s what you can expect; especially where I’m from. And he from St. Louis, so he should know better. Not only that, but he’s wearing red in a crip hood. That’s like jumping in a shark tank covered in A1 sauce. I’m not saying it’s right, and I wish shit like this would end, but you know…

I hate it when I laugh, but damnit this shit is funny!!

You hate laughing?


I hate laughing at shit that ain’t meant to be funny.

This was already posted. And as I said, dude is a bitch for walking away saying nothing.

ps, doesnt look like the hood

I agree he was soft for that, but don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Every hood doesn’t have to have unattended lawns and 2in wide houses mr expert.

Im no expert. Im just judging based off what I see in DC and Baltimore. Anytime I run through the hood in those cities its windows up for me. Thankfuly not often and never on purpose. Junk that junks

Well both cities have it rough, especially Baltimore.

I don’t know why dudes rap in the street in front of other goons about what they have. Remember what happened to Joey Jihad? I was surprised he just got in his car and drove off like nothing happened. I couldn’t have turned the other cheek like that even if worse would happen as a result. Gotta have some dignity.

Since when did sharks like A1 sauce? I find this the most interesting bit of information with-in this whole thread.

I got 3 words to say…


That was Stinkmeaner in his younger days. “Whachu you gonna do about it, bitch ass nigga!”

I agree. I assumed they allowed the natural juices of their fine filet mignon to act as it’s own marination


Already a thread on this. In the section where it belongs.