Rare Arcade Stuff You Have Thread


Consolized Atomiswave and Japanese Hokuto No Ken Cartridge, which isn’t a bootleg.

I use a Neo Geo CD controller to play. Have to play it on the CRT television, used it on the LCD and it looked like crap.

If I have the room and space, I would buy a candy cab and use it on their to get the full experience.

So yeah post whatever kind of stuff you have, whether it be consolized or not.


Haha, I don’t have a picture right now since it’s a tad old but I bought a JAMMA board for SVC Chaos right when it came out in arcades in Japan. It was the whole arcade jamma set so it had the marque, movelist sticks, manuals and so on. It’s in my storage back in the US so there’s no way I’m going to be able to take a picture of it lol. People didn’t really like SVC Chaos, but me being a fan of SNK and Capcom to the core, I loved it.



I have this. NFL Blitz 99 4-Player. I had a custom SF2, but it was in such crappy condition that I ended up tossing it.

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A Wico P360 and a Sanwa Flash 1.


I’m sure Tech Talk or IMM would apprecaite your “look at my cool shit” threads. It’s not for GD though.