Rare balltops, dual modded VXSA


I’ve got a few things for sale.

Rare balltops. $50 shipped each. (original pink & green and cow balls for sale only )
Dual modded VXSA will come with plain white balltop and buttons. $150 shipped.


Rainbow? If so consider it sold!


is the AOU 2011 metallic balltop for sale as well?


Sorry guys. Only the ones listed are for sale.


Dang those are sick ball tops! I’m curious as what makes them rare as I’m not really knowledgeable about that stuff. Is it a limited run or something?


Yes, very limited. The green and pink meshballs are the original run. They were the only 2 colors available from sanwa. The others are AOU balltops, only available at the arcade operator shows in Japan. Special tops are released every year at this show.

These are NOT painted and are genuine sanwa parts.

Try finding some elsewhere. That will attest to the rareness of them.


Price drop to 140 for VXSA shipped in the conus.


How much for the rainbow ball top?..


Sent a PM.


Hmm, only way if sell the rainbow top is for $100. These were hard to get.

Matt, PM replied.


VXSA is now sold. Thanks. Only the cow ball is available now and will be with drawn by the end of the week.