Rare Games on eBay!


some rare games im selling that i need to get rid of cause im a poor bastard :frowning:

if there is a separate thread for this feel free to make fun of my ass and help me relocate it

I would have traded you for Disgaea 2. The last link for it says Disgaea 2 but its a picture of phantom blade, did you mean to do that or was it just an error.

sorry it is Disgaea 2, i changed the picture.
Dont know how that happened @@

Added to Watch Items…

lol how many times you bought FF VII :looney:
watching items :cybot:

I made a bid on Disgaea 2.:wgrin:

:frowning: I was hoping to snatch that one up for cheap thanks :sad:

If only it wasn’t on E-Bay. -_-

Haha, sorry.:sweat:

thanks all and good luck to you

ohhh, i want the ff7.

No touchy :devil::nunchuck::nunchuck::nunchuck:

First Disgaea :sad:

i have the first Disgaea but i have to wait until i got it back. Someone borrowed it with out asking. It will come with Makia Kingdom and Phantom Brave

One of my friends wants Phantom Brave. How much just for that?

Sorry to snipe Jeremy, but Phantom Brave isnt worth shit Sheraz. And I bet its shawn that wants it, I’ll give him my copy for $15(its $17.99 at my store).

That gave me a few lulz.

Lawl, yeah I know (and it is for Shaun)~

i felt like i had to add a little more :X

X_X your killing me, lol, stop posting these I want em :lovin:.

mamation, how much for the ff7 original? bring this shiz to the next c3? :open_mouth: