Rare Games on eBay!

i dont have anymore ff7’s
but if you win it then i’ll just hand it over to you at c3 and you wont have to pay for shipping

lol dude, what the hell? i am trying to bid, but i keep getting outbid automatically? is there a bot for ebay or something that someone is using?

i havent had any friends or anyone i know up the bid for me (though i as thinking about is :P) so i donno man. Right now i see you as the highest bidder. Also, people keep asking me to buy it now, i cant sorry. just thought i would put that out there.

oh yeah
i am also gonna sell a a Tony Hawk Project 8 limited edition game with the Premium Skateboard designed by Tony Hawk. I hear its going for quite a bit but i figured i would see if any of you guys want it before i sell it. Never used it or anything and the box is in perfect condition.
i will also be selling…
Castlevania collectors package for the DS
Castlevania POR
Castlevania DOS (have to get this one back first)

Xenogears (Greatest Hits)
Grandia (the first one)
Star Ocean 3 (the first set that came out with the box thing that holds the game

and probably more. I may make a new thread so people remember to check but it will have images and shit so people can decide before i put em up on ebay.

i know its a hack job but pics

So Ye, How much for Tony Hawk + Skateboard?

And PM total for FF10 + Xenogears + Makai Kingdom + Phantom Brave + Star Ocean + Grandia + Xenogears + VF Evo, and VF 4


ps. Got any more of 7,8,9, and Antho ?

lol, well i have to check on that tony hawk and skateboard but for the others pm me a price and we can negotiate something.

as for ff’s thats all i got right now aside from tactics. But i can never say goodbye to that game

Indecent proposal sent :wink:

You’re an evil bastard for selling grandia, one of my favorites.

Your hoebag friends jacked up the prices on your ebay items. Bastards!

Whether its his friends or not, doesnt matter, if his friends win, he’ll have to spend more money and relist, its probably just other ebayers, some people go crazy for FF. Its gotten to the price point that even I am not jumping in :frowning:

yeah, none of my friends did anything (unless they wanted to buy it) in which case they would have before i put it on ebay anyway. Those of you who pmed me on the new stuff i just put up there i’ll get to you in the morning when i wake up.

trust me, i put a lot of thought into selling these. I really didnt want to but i need money :frowning:

Well if your anything like me, I got a huge collection, but its mostly Sega stuff, so I been trying to build up the Sony side hehe, and you can’t get me to sell any of it, unless I was in dire need of some money hehehe… So I know how you feel. You got Aim Mam? Also did my first order ship yet? I’d feel better knowing that you do deliver before doing a big order heheheh… Also pm me on aim, so we can work something out :wink:

I am going to ship everything off tomorrow afternoon and it will take 5 to 7 business days to get to the buyer. That way if someone has more than one item purchased then the cost will be less for shipping. My aim is MrMamation, but i may not be on until after 10pm cause of school. If i can i will try and get on early though (school cpu’s).

Which time zone :wink: , but ye I got your aim, we shall converse :wink:

wtf lotr?