Rare SSF4 Artworks for ur Sticks!


Hello Everyone ^_^,

“y’all hyped for SSFIV and modding ur sticks artwork already eh? alright alright I have something to share with ya”

So … while other people who got their hands on the game and are enjoying online battles endlessly, I wanted to give at least something to you who are waiting patiently.

I wanted something unique for my Arcade Stick’s Artwork, and this is when I brought up my digital camera and shot the menus pictures from SSFIV’s in-game, they’re pretty cool, here they are:

  1. Deejay picture on profile Menu screen:

Download Full Rez (1MB)

2.Jury & Hakan on Arcade Menu screen:
kisss Jury (L)

Download Full Rez (1MB)
3. Jury & Hakan "take2"
another pic for Juri just to show my extra love

Download Full Rez
4. Ryu & Ken on Main Menu screen:

Download Full Rez (1MB)
5. Viper & Chunli on verses Menu screen:

Download Full Rez (1MB)
6. Rufus on Challenge Menu screen:

Download Full Rez (1MB)
Some pictures have ghost-y menu texts on them, I couldn’t edit them and keep image purity at the same time, but if u were to add effects u can easily cover them up.

I haven’t marked any template on the pictures so everyone can use them for whatever kind of button layout they’re using, grab yours here (JOYSTICK ART TEMPLATE) or this thread.

For those who’re indending to edit the pictures to add for example SSFIV logo and stuff, you might find this page useful:
(SuperStreetFighterIV Official Characters Pictures).

And definitly check this thread if u haven’t yet (Making Your Stick Pretty: A Custom Stick Art Guide/Tutorial)

I hope im the first to post these pictures, otherwise this topic is meaningless, I’ve never saw them anywhere on the internet though, anyway here is my Arcade Stick:

HRAP2 modded with Xbox360 SFIV FightPad PCB
All Sanwa buttons except for the 2 Orange ones are Hori
Sanwa JLF Joystick, with bubble balltop

I call it “DeeJay Maximum”

btw I would like to know how to connect both HRAP2 PCB and SFIV Fightpad PCB to work, if anyone could guide me, I’d appreciate it, I have only one PCB connected now and would have trouple if I wanted to play with friends on their PS3 console.


Yes! I can finally have Ryu melting into Ken’s arms on my T.E.
“Dammit Ken! Take me now and make me a woman!”


Good stuffs, really like that Rufus one haha


Wish, I had the tools atm to mod my hori-ex2, Id so put one of these on it, Probably the one where kens about to kiss ryu.





This is how it’s really done d3v.



These are just the menu’s from the game eh? Saw em all when I was playing yesterday.




Nobody other than you melting for Ken here :rofl:

glad ppl liked them, i’ll add more 2day, special ones for Ken


I’m going to do som ework on these tonight, see if I can get some of the words out of them. That Rufus pic NEEDS to go on a stick!


I can give you the individual background parts if you want


Not sure which one I should stick with, opinions?
Yes, I know there’s something screwy with the button labels, I’ve fixed it.


nice work!