RARE sticks and more(bluray,games ,panels,astro city cab etc.)

Great deals on rare stuff .
i am selling my hss 0130 dual modded ps3/360 super street fighter 4 stick. mesh ball top,jlf,sanwa buttons .with authentic astro city side art 600$ shipped



also i have a lot of 11 blurays 100$ shipped
avatar, watchmen,resident evil 1,2,3, superman batman public enemies,justice league season 1,jl final frontier,30 days of night,green lantern first flight and the epic spiderman 3

   i also have a wireless 360 controller brand new never used 35$ shipped 
   bayonetta ps3 35$ shipped


also i have all the resident evil games for gamecube,wii and the gc chainsaw controller re 0, 1 ,2,3,4,and code veronica(rare) and a gamecube $99 shipped

first three pictures kinda crapping out with an X. host site?

Pics work fine for me, though I noticed he just edited it.

Hss 0130 sold.

Good luck. Love the vewlix panels in butter oj case.

Hss0130 panel has shipped.

are the sanwas brand new?

yes.they are from an unused extra panel.sanwas new.

thats cbus stick is the truth real nice custom made by drangel one of a kind artwork …on a side not why dont you sell me the PSU in that astro so mine works again :slight_smile:

Interested in RSG cab. Where are you located?

added a link to hi-res pics of the cbus raffle stick. http://www.flickr.com/photos/drangel1/sets/72157623681671054/

evo stick sack sold. to a canadian thankfully.

Thanks again. Us Canadians get the shaft with these bags and I couldn’t find any of them anywhere! Much appreciated.

interested in the 2 player viewlix sticks
would it be possible to get more pictures?

i will PM you with my e-mail. thanks

how much for just the black buttons?

bump for HUGE pricedrops. I need that EVO money guys.

I added my saturn hss0130 street fighter 4 super custom dual mod. also hss0130 panel ,evo stick bag,sanwa buttons and dr.angel customs all sold and shipped.

Bump.added a comicon te for 400$shipped.I also have evo keychains for 5$ each shipped and madcatz te keychains 20$ shipped

can i get a picture of the evo keychain? and what system is the comicon te stick for?

trumvir shirt sold at evo . ps3 comicon te. pics of evo keychain coming soon.