Rashid Beginners Thread

You’re just starting to learn Rashid, and you don’t know where to start. Well, this is the place to pick up on the beginning concepts for the character.

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I guess this is my section lol. I’m still stuck in SFIV mode and looking for frametraps/reversals.

I heard recently that a beginner should not pick Rashid at all. It could give bad habits, and SF5 should be learned with characters with good fundamentals like Ryu.

What do you think about it ? I believe that you should only play the character you like. However, what should be done/avoided when a beginner chooses Rashid as the main character ?

It’s not like learning Rashid will teach you bad habits, it is more of a case you need strong fundamentals to begin with to start seeing results.

With Ryu, you’ll learn fundamentals as you play (faster, earlier, more identifiably and immediately) and you’ll generally have a more positive and rounded learning experience.

With Rashid, you will learn fundamentals at a less frequent, less immediate and less rewarding way.

If you’re prepared for that, stick with him - just know what you’re getting into.

You could pick just about any character and throw out random specials and pray they hit, not just Rashid. There is this public misconception that its the proper way to play Rashid, that and he plays like El Fuerte which is just as annoying to hear.

If you like him and want to use him go for it, he is not too complicated but not easy to use either. He has a decent mid range game and excels up close with frame traps but does low damage.

I think he is compared to el fuerte because he has a dash, follow up attacks and a wall jump. They play nothing a like however.

I agree with you on this 100 percent. He has a very fundamental side due to his good mid range pokes. He has some tricks and interesting tech for sure but basic footsies and space control will take you a long way. He has moments where he can be a little nutty but most of the time its when you have your opponent convinced their options are limited. His aggresion simply comes from him being unpredictable with his many acorobatic manuevers. Play who you like and learn what it takes for your character to excel in YOUR HANDS, getting caught up on how quote on quote your supposed to play isnt a good idea. Play the way that fits your style and adapt and improve off your experiences. Thats truely how I feel any character should be approached.

Okay, the general thread is getting big enough that looking through it for specific posts about this is annoying. So.

We know that Rashid’s poke game is okay with his standing and crouching MKs, non-mash light mixer, low-dodging HK and overhead HP.

However, what’s best to do when you’re right up in their face? What’s good for frametrapping, and which moves do you confirm with into a combo after said frametraps?

When youre in range the best case scenario is CH st.MP into st.HP, cr.HP into st.MP, and CH st.LK into st.MP cr.MK. Range wise its hard to get optimal damage most of the time so you will probably have to go for cr.MK instead on the second one and drop the cr.MK on the last one.

Useful! Thanks.

Though, that’s more a RESULT of frametrapping. What I’m talking about is, which normals do I use to apply pressure once I’ve made it in via a blocked jumpin or a blocked mixer, a blocked F+MP or similar?

Rashid does suffer from a lot of these getting-in options being at a small disadvantage, meaning he’s the one getting caught if they just mash jab. Yet frametrapping seems like a big part of Rashid’s damage game. So, I feel like this is worth putting in.

For pressure blockstrings, my favorite is s.mp, s.mp. The range is super short though, so keep s.mp, c.mk in your pocket.

On blocked 6mp, you essentially lose your turn if they are expecting it. It is -2 so it is safe, and if used sparingly, they won’t often hit you, but keep in mind that pushing a button after 6mp is taking a risk. I think you could probably even frametrap by canceling the first hit into wind.

I use mp,mp alot after a blocked crossup. If you get the counter, you can link to f+mp ×× eagle spike. f+mp will still reach after two blocked mp’s so i will still use it sometimes anyway. The gap is small and i cancel first hit into lk shot to be safe.


If you make it in, or they block your jump in, your go-to normal is st. lk. This normal is fast as hell, and has very minor pushback, so a tic throw is easy. It also leaves you at +3, so your main frame trap off this should be st. mp, which will combo into st. hp on counter hit. This is surprisingly easy to confirm, and leads to hk or ex spike for solid enough damage to make them think twice about pushing buttons next time.

On most characters after a blocked lk mp string, st. hp is a relatively safe frame trap. It’s a 5f gap, so you cant do it against characters with fast, long reaching light attacks like R. Mika’s st. lk; but since most medium attacks are 5f or more, and sf5 has move priority, you’ll beat out basically any normal a character could throw at you. It’s a very strong CC option in a lot of matchups.

Another admittedly obvious alternative to the mp frame trap (and what you should definitely do if your opponent is both blocking your mp, and teching your throws off lk), is to walk up just a hair, then hit lk again. If and when they attempt to tech, you’ll get a counter hit, and lk will combo to your st. mp cr. mk bnb. Even if they block, you can go right back to the situation above.

Could someone give me?

His combo after a cross-up?

His combo after a hard jump-in?

His combo after a CC?

His standard mixups after his v-trigger?