Rashid Combo/Tech Thread



ES: Eagle Spike
WWS: Whirlwind Shot
vs: V-Skill
vt: V-Trigger
CA: Critical Art

Confirm Combos
st.lk, st.lp xx M Mixer…123
cr.lk, cr.lp xx L Mixer…95
st.mp, cr.mk xx L ES…185
st.mp, cr.mk xx L Mixer…153

cr.HP, st.mp xx M Mixer…200
cr.HP, st.mp xx M ES…230
cr.HP, st.mp xx EX ES, M Mixer…260 (1 Bar)
cr.HP, st.mp xx EX ES, EX Mixer…316 (2 Bars)
cr.hp, st.mp xx L Mixer xx CA…382/398 (Damage depends on whether you cancel 1st or 2nd hit of Mixer into CA)
st.hp xx L WWS xx CA…412

st.mp, st.hp xx L Mixer…192
st.mp, st.hp xx H ES…256
st.mp, st.hp xx EX ES, M Mixer…270 (1 Bar)
st.mp, st.hp xx EX ES, EX Mixer…326 (2 Bars)
st.mp, st.hp xx L Mixer xx CA…392

st.hk, f.mp xx H ES…256
st.hk, f.mp xx M Mixer…210
st.hk, f.mp xx EX WWS xx u.vs xx AES…283 (1 Bar)
st.hk, f.mp xx EX ES, EX Mixer…326 (2 Bars)
st.hk, f.mp xx L WWS xx CA…424

st.hp, cr.hp xx M Mixer…186
st.hp, cr.hp xx H ES…244
st.hp, cr.hp xx EX ES, M Mixer…258(1 Bar)
st.hp, cr.hp xx EX ES, ES Mixer…314 (2 Bars)

cr.hp, dash, st.mp, cr.mk xx M Mixer…188
cr.hp, dash, st.mp, cr.mk xx L ES…212
cr.hp, dash, st.mp, cr.mk xx EX Mixer…212 (1 Bar)

Corner Counter:
st.hp xx EX WWS xx d.vs.k, H Mixer…316 (1 Bar)
st.hp xx EX WWS xx d.vs, cr.hp, st.mp xx EX ES, H Mixer…385 (2 Bars)
st.hp xx EX WWS xx d.vs, cr.hp, st.mp xx vt, EX ES, H Mixer…400 (2 Bars) (Trigger)

CA Combos
cr.lk, cr.lp xx L Mixer xx CA…295
st.lk, st.lp xx L Mixer xx CA…305
cr.hp, st.mp xx L mixer xx CA…382
st.hp xx L WWS xx CA…412

st.mp, st.hp xx L Mixer xx CA…392
st.mp, st.hp xx L WWS xx CA…424 (Corner)
st.hk, f.mp xx L WWS xx CA…424

st.hp xx d.vs.k xx CA…430

Counter Corner
st.mp, st.hp xx d.vs.k, CA…440

cr.hp, st.mp xx vt, CA…419
st.mp, cr.mk xx vt, CA…390

Trigger Combos:
Didn’t bother because too many, but keep in mind:

  1. Most, if not all, normals cancel into VT
  2. After VT hits, you can juggle EX ES and juggle some more after that with EX ES and mixers

Courtesy of @Jnana for the combos


Frame-perfect safejump timing after a Crush Counter sweep:

c.HK (CC) > press s.HP for timing and hold up-forward > j.MK or j.HP/HK

You can’t safejump any DP 4 frames or faster (i.e. Ryu, Ken, Cammy, Necalli), but this will safejump any reversal 5 frames or slower. (i.e. Chun EX SBK, Karin EX Ressenha) The armor on reversals like Birdie EX Headbutt, Mika EX Peach or Laura EX Elbow doesn’t kick in on frame 1, so meaty timing on your jump-in will still beat these outright.


Has anyone found a good way to setup his V-trigger?

Here’s my contribution: a crush counter into a cross-under mixup:

s.HK (CC) > c.MP > c. V-Skill (cross under)

From there you can go for c.LK > s.LP > Spinning Mixer, throw, f.HP (overhead) or block.


You can use his V-skill to cross under for frame advantage with his cr.mp xx vskill roll.


You can do s.HK(CC), f+MP (1 hit) xx qcf+KK (second hit should come delayed), and V-skill into divekick. Depending on the timing or height of the juggle, you can even switch sides. It does 2 less damage than s.HK(CC), f+MP (1 hit) xx qcb+HK, qcf+MP (mash), but it does like 60 more stun, and again, it comes with the potential to side-switch if you want to (but it’s easy to not if you don’t, you just do the divekick out of V-skill ASAP). To get the delayed second hit on qcf+KK you generally want to connect the first hit of f+MP when they’re still high up.


So something I found out by accident, is that his mk and hk whirlwind shot is actually a decent check against Charlie’s sonic booms. I was in a match where the Charlie player would do sonic boom followed by moonsault slash, and when I countered his sonic boom with the mk/hk whirlwind shot, the sonic boom would eat one hit of my fireball and then carry on and hit Charlie out of his moonsault. It happened enough times that the person rage quitted in the end. =)


I highly doubt you get frame advantage. Roll is 32 frames long. Cr.mp is only 15 frames recovery. Doubling your recovery doesn’t usually give you frame advantage.


I forget to add in that it depends on the height you AA with cr.mp doing it low won’t net you that advantage. You can followup with any :lp: or :lk: or st:mp: Sicne characters (save two) have 3 pre jump frames you can easily land any of these normals without fear of getting CH. And thanks to the priority system any :l: that connects with that st:mp: is a free CH for you.


You can always cr.mp (AA) xx H shot xx v-skill (roll)…actually im not sure if this is safe

On a side note, 2nd hit of cr.hp is CCs. Only thing I can get off of it though is st.hk


You can dash/run forward and link into s.Strong. From there you could either cancel into spinning mixer, or strong/ex.Divekick, or you could link c.Forward into spinning mixer or short.Divekick


Its not big but I dont know if any of you saw Honzo’s video on the front page. It says Rashid cant punish Birdie’s EX Bullhead on block, but Rashid can just sweep it.


I originally thought that too. But you can. You can sweep it…and…I know there is something else you can punish it with it but I forget.


Good stuff everyone. I have a dirty set up I have been using to get free wins online. If you get your opponent in the corner with any version of mixer then you can do 2 back dashes and you will be at perfect spacing to set up a nasty v trigger mixup.

If you hold up forward after ysaar you will cross up. If you delay even a little bit the tornado will hit from the front. If you hold up forward and empty jump or press any button other than mk you can land on the other side of the opponent and go low.

If the mixup hits you can HP mixer or super. You can also do vskill dive kick while keeping them in the corner for more damage than mixer but the timing is tricky for me right now


yeah as far as what i have been seeing his strongest and most varied setups is while the opponent is in the corner after a combo into eagle spike or spinning mixer after back dashes like ragvaldore mentioned though the spinning mixer setup is WAY better. On top of the options you mentioned ragvalodore you can also Vskill jump right before the tornado touches and wall cling and it will hit cross up or you can simply wall cling and dash off the wall down back infront to hit front. and you can combo with mixer, ex eagle spike to mixer, super; you can do the same thing with standard jump of course aswell. Main difference between jumping and Vskilling i feel is after a tornado setup in the corner is his Vskill travels faster and starts up quicker making it easier to vary timing for front or cross up hit of the tornado while the stardard jump gives u the cross up high option and empty low option i maybe wrong though on the jump comparison. you can also simply over head and the torando will throw you forward then it will combo after your overhead hits, you can dash low before tornado hits, dash throw before tornado hits will cause it to hit meaty if they quick rise. And of course you can combo off all these but throw.

There is also a ysaar setup in the guide for midscreen off of ex eagle spike where you sacrifice follow up damage and do a meaty ysaar instead than jump right away (you can also Vskill jump) and if they quick rise it will cross up if they do not recover you can simply wall cling and go back for a empty jump low or high; The wall cling for this setup however feels inconsistent and i don’t know what portion of it is the causes it but the good thing is it works more so than it doesn’t lol; it probably just has to do with doing his Vtrigger as soon as possible after landing ex eagle spike. The more i mess with his Vtrigger i feel its better to use it more often in the corner because if you drop it on them with worse setups where they can recover quicker you don’t have much time to do a mix up and ur also limited to what you can mix up with unless people find more setups like off that ex eagle spike; and a side note, most of you probably know but you can be hit out of the start up of his Vtrigger.

Another random thing that i’ve been messing with is his Vskill jump its cancel able off strings and there’s a lot of little things you can do to just mess with your opponent to cause them to make a mistake trying to punish you for doing it than you can punish them with ex eagle spyke,etc. The heavy version of dive out of Vskill is safe on block at the lowest height, but you forced to almost always cross up because it has to do be done on the decent of his Vskill jump, but u automatically become grounded if you do it right and you do not bounce off on block and you can actually frame trap off it on block to cr.mk its + on block. If you do it to late he will whiff and just land next to the person which as u can imagine can be a mixup in itself for just a throw but there is a bit of recovery when you whiff it so its stoppable on whiff if there ready for it but if they press buttons to early they will get hit by eagle spyke if you timed it right. You can also simply Vskill jump than just land and block and punish a commitment they make if you can and you can also Vskill and heavy dive back to your own side you started on, but you have to input the dive the split second you cross over them to come back if you do it to early you hit them in front you do it to late you hit behind them. And if you know the frames of that move your getting punished for that mistake lol.

The reason i started messing with his vskill jump is i was trying to find away to hit confirm not cancel into a follow up after a far frame trap into st.hp CC and you can cancel to vskill jump on block or hit than confirm to lk/mk/ex dive for a little damage or do one of the shenanigans i mentioned in the paragraph above, or of course simply do nothing and dash in cause your at advantage. If anyone knows any other follows let me know from the range i have been messing with st.hk is to short and so is forward mp and start up on ground eagle spykes are to slow, super is to far, Vtrigger is to far aswell at max range to combo.

Im sure most of you are aware of the guide info but for those of you who are not after landing light mixer you can dash meaty cr.hp hit confirm to st.mp or cr.mk or just block after they block cr.hp cause your -2, this will beat all opponent options on wake besides a reversal, as long as you dash as soon as possible after light mixer knockdown.

Thank you all for the additional tech you have been contributing.


You can do meaty S.HP > EX Tornado and cancel to Vskill roll and jump. That’ll give you crossup and if you delay it, you’ll land in front of them.


Not sure if anybody else found this yet.

^^^ Rashid can cancel off the first hit of his -> + Strong move into his roll kick. He can also cancel off the first hit of his ducking Fierce into roll kick. Doing this in the corner can lead into acouple things like his CA.

^^^ In this vid, i counter crushed with roundhouse, then juggled with --> Strong (Cancel into) Roll Kick , then CA in the corner. The whole thing carries to the corner fairly well so don’t worry about being deep in the corner at the start of it. You can also get the counter crush, do the Strong to Roll Kick juggle, into Eagle Kick and does nice damage. Or do an EX Eagle kick instead that leads to more juggle potential.

And in this vid, im Counter Crushing with Roundhouse, then --> Strong (Cancel) V-Trigger, into various juggle options.


That setup u mentioned Azular is that in the corner? are you flush(close as possible) with the opponent? I am not quite sure how you set it up for a mixup. But when i try it they are stuck in block stun with ex tornado before i can cross over so they don’t need to change sides blocking. For those who don’t know his Vtrigger is treated the same way the second the opponent starts blocking the tornado even if you pass over they do not need to block the other direction unless u are hitting them with a jumping high or empty low.

Another thing is in the corner off of single button mp mixer (no mashing) you can follow it up with and ex mixer or super. Btw ragvalodore if your able to end your corner strings into mp mixer u have more time to perform two back dashes to setup his Vtrigger than with light mixer also i was mistaken about ending corner strings with eagle spyke (non ex) its still good because u only need one back dash and ur in range to setup Vtrigger corner mixups.

Another thing to add, hp mixer is a good anti air for jumps right above rashid but still infront where cr.mp won’t reach but u need to read the jump the start up isn’t invincible.

Another midscreen setup we can use for Ysaar is off of the combo Dr.slouch mentioned s.HK(CC), f+MP (1 hit) xx qcf+KK but instead of canceling into Vskill u go into Vtrigger during the opponents fall but it needs to be done fast as possible and u have to make sure u catch them at the max height with f+MP before canceling into qcf+KK. After dropping vtrigger u jump immediately and it will cross up or jump and dive kick to hit front. If they block you have time to for one more mixup.


Some midscreen setups if bnb, I have explination of each setup in video descriptions cheers.Most setups are middcreen and using the ysaar wind effects. https://youtu.be/juHYXv9XQaI ,https://youtu.be/V5lTiTCbE1o ,https://youtu.be/zId81Olrqgo ,https://youtu.be/faPEPXgQCg0


Excuse my typing this was all done from my messed up phone, apologies. Feel free to hmu for any ?s about the setups. I have more I will post later.


those are some nice mid screen setups for ysaar richboi90 nice! On the topic of the safety of aerial eagle spike u mentioned in your video description i think its just determined by the height u do it not tornado though. read your reply rich i got ya