Rashid Combo/Tech Thread



Lp mixer knockdown is worth it for the extra DMG, stun. Corner carry. Besides, the cr. HP cc trap covers both recovery options on the soft kd anyway


Even landing one stand short more than makes up the stun AND damage difference between mashed and unmashed (fully mashing lp mixer only adds +20 damage lol, I have no idea why you are even using that as one of your reasons), and that’s assuming you did the mixer raw so that it has no combo scaling. Nevermind that the stand short combos into another mixer.


Idk how useful/practical this is, but Rashid can juggle into EX Eagle Spike after hitting an airborne opponent with Whirlwind Spin. This works after all versions, and MK Whirlwind, EX Eagle Spike, HP Mixer (mash) does about 214 damage.


Actually, I’m getting 231 (359 stun) consistently with that combo. Juggling with HK Eagle Spike instead gives 196 (320 stun). So it’s not much return for the bar, but still good to threaten lots of damage from a fireball.


I’m talking about LP Mixer being PARTIALLY mashed on hit (5 hits of the mixer I believe). With it being partially mashed, it only sacrifices 10 damage which is made up for by being at least 0 if not +1, keeps the opponent standing, and leads to better options than the soft knockdown that the fully mashed mixer offers. Let’s be honest, Rashid doesn’t get much off of the soft knockdown, so keeping the opponent standing, and putting them into a sort of “standing vortex” seems like a much better situation in my opinion. If corner carry, damage and stun are more important to you then just end your combo with eagle spike. I’m talking about situations where you have confirmed you are hitting the opponent. This option is great because if you go for a counter hit setup canceled into light mixer, you can easily visually confirm this. If you see them block the counterhit setup, then don’t mash at all. If they get hit, then PARTIALLY mash to keep them standing with you at a great advantage. I honestly think that this is how Rashid should be looked at and played going forward. There’s not many of us left here playing this character, so if we can delve more into this and develop it further, then I think we could be looking at fundamentally changing both how Rashid is played, and viewed in matchups.

Also shoutouts to my boy AceKombat for helping me explore this tech. He just won the PxG Online tournament here recently.


Right. I honestly don’t see there ever being much of a reason to fully mash his lp mixer. Rashid likes to keep the opponent pressured, and it’s just easier to do with them standing and you at frame advantage. Any damage lost from not mashing the mixer can be made up with st short into another mixer for chip at WORST. But by doing this, it’s pretty easy to catch people with a free throw initially (which is far more damaging), and lets him set up mind games later when they expect the throw to come after the mixer.


Yep, +1 on hit.


Thanks to all who’ve contributed thus far. Learned a lot from everyone.

I just wanted to share something that is probably known??

I’ve been practicing setups after throw in the corner. I notice that after a throw, if I hold down, down-forward, or down-back, Rashid’s body moves forward a tiny bit. In fact if you press any button, even jab or jump up, you will move forward a bit.

I was specifically practicing hitting a standing fierce after an opponent normal recovery, but couldn’t get it perfect. I thought I had to hold forward to take a step forward and then do the fierce, but that wouldn’t be good enough for a perfect wws followup. So instead I just hold down after the throw and then the moment i recover from the corner throw i release the down and do the standing fierce setup.

Maybe other applications for this, hope it helps.


You keep saying rashid doesn’t get much after mashed mixer, but he does. The cr.HP cc trap is really good. I still do partially mashed mixer sometimes anyway for reset and to mix things up though


The problem is that going for setups after the soft knockdown from the fully mashed mixer is often times predictable. I will admit going for a fully mashed mixer setup can be very good, but I think that the partially mashed setups are far better, but that’s my opinion. At the very least, doing both (fully mashed and partially mashed) to mix up your options keeps Rashid more unpredictable, and makes it harder for opponents to deal with. The entire reason I even brought up the mashed mixer options is because I don’t see any Rashid’s going for it, when I believe it is a key element of his gameplay that needs to be further explored. If only we could get a top player using Rashid, and using this particular tech with it.


That’s awesome! Thanks for confirming that! So partially mashed mixer on hit is a huge asset for Rashid, and allows him to essentially create a SAFE and ADVANTAGEOUS “standing vortex” that can potentially loop back into itself, OR into a throw, crush counter, or soft knockdown.


I hate the partially mashed spinning mixer L honestly. I think a knockdown with L spinning mixer is a lot more advantageous than leaving them standing with Rashid. If you knock them down with L mixer and dash forward, you can go for a meaty cr. HP, a grab or even more hilarious, a shimmy. That’s from every distance off of any non-normal knockdown. In case of a normal knockdown, you can whiff cr. Hp on their wake up, and run them into the corner for an even more advantageous situation. Keeping them standing is gonna entice them to do more stuff (although against some people, you can’t stop them from doing crazy stuff anyway). In fact, they have MORE options than they do when they get knockdown.

IE. I hit Chun with cr. short, cr. jab xxx spinning mixer L (slightly mashed), leaves me at plus one. My options are to jab, block or grab literally frames after. Too much work. Chun’s options

  1. cr. Jab (quickest way to make me vomit is to press a button after you get hit with something that leaves me plus, and would beat my grab lol, loses to jab)
  2. Grab (techs throw, or if I press a bigger button than jab, I’m getting scooped)
  3. EX SBK (obviously the most effective for any of Rashid’s options after partially mashed L Mixer but most risky, just block and murder)
  4. Backdash (ridiculous option against this. Avoids grabs, creates a weird flip situation if I were to press a button and most importantly, gets Chun away from Rashid to play her superior neutral. Perhaps you can press st. HP after L spinning mixer but that button is mad slow)
  5. Block (cause there is nothing wrong with blocking while kept standing)

If I knock her down with L mixer and dash up, her options are:

  1. Cr. Jab, wake up with a move that’s not EX SBK (loses to cr. HP and other meaty setups like with st. HP)
  2. EX SBK (loses to blocking, I pray she’s not in the corner, that’s alot of health gone)
  3. Block (susceptible to grab/shimmy mixups)
  4. Backdash (st. Hp will crush it on wake up, get you some V meter, OR you can stuff it with a smaller meaty button)

I think every time you have an opportunity to hit them with medium spinning mixer mid screen, I think Rashid players should go for that. Maximum corner carry, meaty/throw setup opportunity, hell, it might be more damage than L Mixer anyway lol.


Yea…I think it’s best to mix it up honestly. Both PM lk.mixer and full knockdown are equally great. It just depends on the MU. Kingcoble’s chun example was spot on. And in the Nash and Guile MU I prefer to knock them down instead of keeping them standing.


Just because I haven’t seen it on a thread,and excuse me if it’s day 1 tech, in the corner you can do your combo of choice, medium mixer (no mash), land, then ultra.

I believe it works on everyone.

While he needs meter more than ultra, it’s just a fancy way to close out a match if you get the hit.


Yep, that’s pretty old :slight_smile:

I’ve hit plenty with cr.hp (CC) near the corner, dash over, bnb M.mixer ender, super. Just sit back and wait for Rashid to yell out “Finish!”


I was watching some Gachikun matches and noted that he mashes the lp mixerat some ranges that makes it very hard to punish, he mashes it even when whiffed, but when I tried I couldn’t reproduce it, at this range I can’t mash the lp mixer.
He does it here at 7:00 min. You guys know how you he does it?


Just mash that shit lol. Don’t hesitate when mashing it.


Thanks…I’m feeling a little dumb. I’ve never tried to mash it like with so much passion lol.
Using piano works too, though…


Just another point for why you might want to leave them standing instead of knockdown off lp mixer:
while getting a cr.HP is great and all (and pretty sure its not meaty btw, it hits on frame 2 or 3 so will lose to stuff like mika reversal, frame data says it should be meaty but I cant get it to)
the problem is if they block cr.HP they are in frame advantage afterwards (you are -2)
but if they are standing and you do st.LK (guarenteed except for reversal which they generally arent ready for, of course you can do other stuff than st.LK its just a favorite of mine)
then you are plus instead and can go for hit confirm, grab, st.MP frame trap into st.HP on counterhit if they tried to tech, or whatever you want when up close at advantage
after they block cr.HP, you can block, ex mixer, or hope they respect you while you are -2 for some reason
I usually just assume people will block dash up cr.HP now seeing as how it has become something that almost all rashid players do


Setups I have after mixers for meaties (stuff armored reversals without 1f armor)

According to frame data, dash and LK both take 15 frames, but my testing shows that dash->attack is 1f slower than st.LK->attack, so not sure what that is about

frame 1 meaties
Quick recover/back recover
LP spin (st.LK, cr.HP)
MP spin (st.HP, cr.HP) (Hitting grounded opponent)
HP spin (dash up, cr.HP) (high/early hit after ex spike)
HP spin (st.LK, cr.HP) (low/late hit) hit after ex spike)
EX spin (st.MP, cr.HP) (Hitting grounded opponent)

The two different HP mixers are for when you combo EX spike -> HP mixer in the corner, usually it will be the dash up one, if you input HP spin slow (their body will be lower than normal), then you use st.LK one

If they do NOT recover, you can still do the above things
just add
st.HP,s.HP for a meaty st.HP hit on wakeup which is even better than cr.HP usually.