Rashid Combo/Tech Thread



This is a cool delayed wakeup OS setup I created, after a full spinning mixer on Rashid which covers all of his wakeup options.
Ill be posting more stuff with him in the future!



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This is a cool delayed wakeup OS setup I created, after a full spinning mixer on Rashid which covers all of his wakeup options.
Ill be posting more stuff with him in the future!


Unfortunately I don’t see this ever being used

  1. You have to KNOW they will not recover, and if they do recover they can get a st.HP punish from you whiffing buttons.
  2. Doesn’t seem like it would win against just blocking, block -> ex reversal, maybe even block buttons? You never showed any situations where the player blocks at all
  3. It seems like a lot of work to memorize and practice this option select (which seems like it might have strict timing) for use against a single character, in a situation that is rarely going to happen which is also a guess where if you guess wrong you get punished


It can definitely be used, in fact I myself have used it on high level opponents several times. You don’t need to know the will delay wakeup, you just need adjust accordingly if they do not which isn’t hard. Opponent can only punish on normal recovery, and thats it they react. But if you are afraid of that, you can whiff 2 stand medium punches for the same setup except it crosses up, and the second Mp beats 4 frame normals on normal recovery. It still works.
If they just block, you are at advantage and can continue pressure instead of ending the combo? Thats not something I need to show. Jump Mk - Stand Mp is a true block string, so block - buttons or block - Ex mixer won’t work.
It is not really that hard to do, if you understand how options select works. It is essentially just inputting an extra super input and grab input into the normal bnb. It just takes a bit of practice.
This isn’t only against Rashid, its just that it beats all of Rashid’s wakeup options. Example, the initial setup at the beginning is a 4frame safe jump setup. So 4 frame reversals such as all of Kens DP’s, will not hit. If you block after the jump in, then input the Mp then the grab, it will beat all of Ken’s wakeup options and V-reversal aswell. Or if you don’t care to punish the V reversal, you can just do the normal safe jump setup and punish their wakeup accordingly. Only 3 frame invincible attacks and 1st frame armoured moves can beat it, or moves such as Dhalsim’s teleport can escape. You just need to adjust to the situation as long as you know the characters moves and frame data.


Throws are typically similar to ES. At corner I would just meaty hk. If they are not at corner, dash mixer. It will meaty and are safe on block and spacing will be good. But I noticed opponents always get hit after they try to quickrise. They get hit no matter which button they press on quick rise except for invul moves. If they don’t quick rise, the mixer would recover right before he normal rises so you can perform a meaty mp or meaty throw as he wakes up.


It’s really a combination of both mashed and unmashed that makes Rashid dangerous. I usually start off my mixer game with +1 and a throw. Then followed by st lk to bait a tech to counter combo. After that I will proceed to a fully mashed for the kd and try to fish out a cr hp cc. To be honest, at kd Rashid do have lots of mind games to play. I noticed Rashid is capable of causing great pain if you keep scoring resets and crush counters. Huge dmg and stun buildups.

You can dash cr hp on a quickrise or dash cr mp and tick throw. After awhile they will stop quickrise and you can cr hp cr hp into a mesty throw on wake up or lk into a meaty overhead.

Keeping them standing and guessing that 50-50 odds only warrants another extra mixer. Even if you are damn good, you can combo into an ex es. While scoring a cc warrants much more dmg. And the odds of opening up opponents becomes even higher since you can do so much more to him since he is kd and at a disadvantage. I usually wont waste 3 bars into ca unless really needed. I can deal much more collective dmg with ex and vt.


I believe most of the top players use both mashed and unmashed mixers. In fact, unmashed mixers seem to be the most basic tricks used by beginner Rashids. I was owning my friends with that until it became scrubby and I had to move on to more complex stuffs like wind-enhancements and meaties. These days the best trick is poking opponents so bad that they start to backdash. That’s when you know you can start dashing in to throw. If your Rashid is at that kind of momentum, unmashed or mashed mixers don’t really matter much anymore.


Hp vskill roll kick m.mixer ca. Pretty old. But ca combos are kind of waste. Ex combos off vt can deal so much more. Plus you are sure to get 1 to 2 vt each game anyway.


At 7:00 is special mixer enhanced by wind. If you do mixer when near tornado or windshot it gets enhanced. You do not need to mash it and it is neutral if not + on block. EX mixer, eagles, ex eagles, f hp, f mp, hk, vskill, vroll, dash are all affected too.


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Just another point for why you might want to leave them standing instead of knockdown off lp mixer:
while getting a cr.HP is great and all (and pretty sure its not meaty btw, it hits on frame 2 or 3 so will lose to stuff like mika reversal, frame data says it should be meaty but I cant get it to)
the problem is if they block cr.HP they are in frame advantage afterwards (you are -2)
but if they are standing and you do st.LK (guarenteed except for reversal which they generally arent ready for, of course you can do other stuff than st.LK its just a favorite of mine)
then you are plus instead and can go for hit confirm, grab, st.MP frame trap

Cr hp meaty on block isn’t -2. Otherwise it won’t be called meaty. Meaties shifted your contact active frames to the last few frames resulting in faster recovery. Even after block, you are still at advantage most the time. I was able to cr lk stuff them after they block most the time. But it is all about reading. If you think he will block then you either cr hp into ex fb or cr mp into throw.


There’s only two active frames. At best you are -1.


Yes but cr hp meaty usually hits on the 2nd hit. And at such a distance that made cr lk safe, since most 3-4fr from opponents would be out of reach.




How do you control which side you land on? :o


That’s s so sick!


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Awesome! Did you delay the reset hp to land mixer infront? Or was it a double mash mixer that pushes you to the back?


Oh. If we hit the hp reset early it will tag the feet and land mixer infront. If delayed it will hit around the shin level and cross under. Apparently this trick works well on AA too. After cr mp cancel into L mixer to cross under or not. That however, it more of a gamble. But you have frame advantage so mp away and hit cfm into cr mk. In mid, a hk cc can apply this too but needs cr hp. Walk back cr hp to not cross mixer. Walk forward cr hp to cross.



I definitely need to fuck with that. This is too sexy.


What if they don’t quick rise? On the cross up do you have enough time to do whiff chp to move them forward then the off the wall cross up mk


Quick rise? This setup forces them to recover immediately. No knockdown. The only thing that whiffs is the L spinning mixer.


If you want to do the wall jump trick, you don’t need to do anything. Once you cross under with mixer, the spacing is just nice for wall jump trap