Rashid Combo/Tech Thread



If you hit them early you’ll be in his front, yeah, Rashid is weird. You can use another normal if you want make sure to land in his back.

The nice part of this setup is that you can make this after any stun in the corner if you want.


didn’t see this in the first post, but i’m fairly sure everybody knows of this:
counterhit st.mp links into sweep

an interesting thing, however, is that counterhit st.mp links into a mid-combo meaty st.mp, which in turn links into sweep on both crouching and standing

this is an easy way to confirm into a full combo from a counterhit st.mp and get a close knockdown.


What is the best pressure option from a sweep kd? I always do a fmp followed by meaty 3fr safe overhead or mp meaty on quick rise, double mp on normal rise. Not sure what is good.


I think i found a thing. Cr.HPxxMK tornado will trade with 4 frame moves alowing you to combo after. Good for people that try to hit your hk shots.


(This might be known already, i searched but didnt see it anywhere)


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Very nice, man. Going to the lab soon!


Eh not much but wanted to contribute something. This a Crush Counter Punish I saw gachikun do in one of his replays.



This is less dmg than crhp ch ex wws hp h es


I still believe it’s worth doing over that since you get V meter as well. And since Rashid’s VT can be so readily available, it generally adds a good amount of overall damage anyway.


This is useful only on midscreen. At corner there are more damaging cc options with hp. For that, I would prefer to do hk fmp ex es once or twice followed by a m mixer. At least I get to continue meaty pressure after. Es ender just springs the opponent off. But these days I just cc hk and reset mp/crhp/ hp mixer to try and go into 50/50 cross under instead.


It only works in mid screen and think it’s optimal damage from mid screen. It also has good corner carry but yeah the knockdown wakeup options are weak with ending with eagle spike. However, from messing around with corner cc punishes the most optimal is a properly space hp cc xx ex wws xx v-skill , enhanced l.spinning mixer which does 240-313 damage with 1 bar. It’s very doable. You just have to walk to the proper distance while they are whiffing reversal. This is probably an already well known option but posting it since it’s on topic.



At corner, hp cc ex.wws vskill roll hp vskill assault h mixer deals 360dmg 604stun with 1 meter man. Hp cc ex.wws vskill roll cr hp mp m es deals 355dmg but 652stun. Then 2nd one also guarantees a vt if u have it.


This may be common knowledge but I didn’t know about it and a few others didn’t so it may be worth posting. Rashid’s jumping fierce can “fake cross up”



Can someone please tell me how to do divekick after wind enhanced ex mixer? i saw takeuchi do it all weekend, and I can’t do it once.


U need to time it just before you land… I found that H es is most practical but still it isn’t reliable to me. Need loads of practice and he still drops it at least once during the tournament. Only works if your ex mixer is enhanced.


Does anyone know the correct motion for VT + enhanced ex.mixer? I can’t seem to do it consistency unlike John Takeuchi.
I sort of have the timing down a little but maybe someone can provide more insight on that too.


It isn’t timing. You just need to be within the range/ proximity of the wind. Any wind. The vskill must still be there or it wont work. If your vskill hits the opponent fully, it would have vanished by the time you do ex mixer.


VSkill? Did you mean V-Trigger? And I’m not talking about anything corner related. I’m referring to the mid screen, VT + ex.mixer for corner carry.

I know that Rashid must be within range. I want to know if there was an additional input motion I could use push Rashid closer to the wind.
Sometimes on hit confirm VT I’ll hold forward for like a second and then input ex.mixer right after.


Sorry. I meant vt. I saw him did crhp vt slight walk then ex mixer. Sometimes it work sometimes it failed. So I am guessing distance mattered. Have to keep the vt close. It is much easier if the vt is activated outside of a combo.


Sorry. I meant vt. I saw him did crhp vt slight walk then ex mixer. Sometimes it work sometimes it failed. So I am guessing distance mattered. Have to keep the vt close. It is much easier if the vt is activated outside of a combo.


You should embed your “walk forward” in the tail end of the qcf for ex spinning mixer. Just hold forward for a few milliseconds longer than normal then press the double punch buttons to perform ex spinning mixer