Rashid Combo/Tech Thread



Yea, you just have to walk forward. I can do it now. Thx brianmj


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You should embed your “walk forward” in the tail end of the qcf for ex spinning mixer. Just hold forward for a few milliseconds longer than normal then press the double punch buttons to perform ex spinning mixer


Thanks for the video!





I’ve only landed this combo a handful of times but its 372/431 damage in the corner with 2 bars and no v-trigger. So I was curious if anyone could also help me know why it whiffs sometimes? Sometimes I eagle spike out of ex spinning mixer and ryu hasn’t fallen deep enough to connect. Does it just have to be delayed a little longer? Also how strict would the timing be for this since there is no 1f links in this game?


The timing is strict. Needs to be just before target lands. If too late, you landed. So yea… better to do the ex double mixer if you want consistency.




Here you go Rashido’s. Just theory crafting how to always make Eagle Strike safe.

Pretty much you can cancel v skill to dive kick as soon as the first hit of heavy tornado hits.



Max range crmk into heavy tornado works. Level two lp mixer, back dash, heavy tornado works.


How’s everyone liking season2 Rashid so far? He seems a lot easier to combo into now. The enhanced mixer chains and air target combo chains are awesome.


Very upset. Capcom threw out a huge chunk of his technique with the dive kick changes. Angles I used to work from - 160 degree vskill air eagle, ex wws 45 degree vskill air eagle - all thrown away.


Hmm. I must admit I hardly used dive because I couldn’t make it safe reliably. But the mixer mixup does seem weaker now on hit? Is it no longer +1 om hit?


I am still having problem using him to ‘get-in’ on turtles. Even though he has 2 +3, and good crHp, mk etc. Especially now that both overheads and HK are no longer safe on block. Even when they nerfed Karin’s LK, mujinkyaku and mk, I am still able to get in easily with her.




Although it’s nothing special, I may as well note: After three point blank crouching shorts, you’re in perfect range for a crush counter cr. HP. You might be surprised how often it works.


Yep…I prefer to use cr.lk, cr.lp, cr.lk instead.


What advantage does that offer? Just mind games?




No, just my preference.


Why can’t I do that new QCF+PP into QCB+KK combo? I mash punches then mash QCB+KKK


The EX spinning mixer has to be done within either
A. a whirlwind shot (won’t really happen often)
B. Your V-Trigger tornado.


can someone give me all the new rashid combos