Rashid Combo/Tech Thread



Season 2 has been out for 8 monthssssssssss :open_mouth:


For the very last combo, instead of CC St. HK, f+MP xxx EX Eagle Spike, you can squeeze out a tad more damage by doing CC St. HK, f+MP xxx M Whirlwind Shot, EX Eagle Spike, H Mixer. And you can also do CC St. HK, F+MP xxx M Whirlwind Shot, roll -> nail assault for extra v meter.


Switched over to rashid lately and am not really sure what to do when I score a knockdown. Wonder if someone can share some nice OKI tricks.



LP spinning mixer oki. They work for season 2


you got any more setups mixups? I need them all



I’ve tried these but after getting a m.k counter hit (setup #1 in the video) I fail to get anything to connect after that. Does it still work and my timing is just wrong?


I can’t do his new season 4 trial because I can’t do eagle spike after ex mixer :frowning: I mash QCB+HK as you can see since the command history is on.