Rashid Combo/Tech Thread



So as I am sure you all know, cr. mk into lk wws is not a true block string, as the opponent can jump in between. Sounds bad right? Wrong. What you want to do is condition them into jumping the lk wws, and next time use mp/hp mixer instead to clip them in the air and retain your positioning (use hp mixer if you’re in the corner). Then once they’ve respected (and are expecting) AA mixer, you switch back to cr.mk into lk wws or lp mixer or raw overhead etc etc -> (conditional) pressure + corner lock down = win. The only way for your opponent to get out is by burning meter or tagging you after each string, so just wait a little at the end of the string before you resume the pressure mix up.

I believe this is exactly why he is -2 on a lot of things that seemingly shouldn’t be - his corner lock down game is bananas and having those tools be + or even 0 would make his pressure brain less, something Capcom is actively trying to avoid in SF5. Keep in mind he already has good wall carry game and what with his v skill and wall jump allowing him to reset the spacing game by jumping over his opponents in addition to his cr.mk post offense corner game, it begins to make a lot more sense why his damage is low and why a lot of things are negative.

Ladies…Gentlemen… I think I have cracked Rashid.


The only reason he sucks is they thought he would be the Makoto of SFV with his 200 stun kicks.

Only they left out the MP poke and safe axe kicks, which left us with an unsafe character at every stage of the game. You’ve cracked Rashid, but he’s no more playable than Super SF4 Makoto. So if you were a Makoto player from the dark days of SF4, you’ll feel at home here.


Did some messing around while the servers were down and created a couple more vids:

Only works against quickrise, but its a start!

s.MP might be Rashid’s best button to use on an opponent’s wakeup. If they press a non-invincible button you can go into the counterhit combo of s.MP > s.HP x H ES. If they block you can go straight into your frametrap of s.MP > c.MK x l WWS or m ES if you had connected any of your earlier hits.


Fuzzy overhead that works on Zangief, Vega, Bison, Birdie and F.A.N.G:

Deepest possible j.HP > rising j.HP


Should be good as a round-closer.

You can test this by setting the dummy to Crouch and Guard All.


Did you attempt to block that setup yourself? I messed around with that setup previously and it seems like the computer will always try to block the instant neutral jump fierce standing but when I was Birdie it seemed like I could just stay crouched and make it whiff.


Yep, trying to block it now as Bison and it’s totally legit. Make sure your jump-in timing is tight. A forward jump HP has been more consistent than a neutral jump HP for me.

Also the second j.HP combos if the first j.HP hits (but only if they were standing to begin with)


Do you have any video of what you mean? I’ve just started to use him and he feels fantastic to me and this is coming from a guy that played chun through all the betas and I like rashid waaaaay more than her cause with rashid I can dictate tempo so easily. But I don’t currently do cr.mk xx WWS. If the opponent jumps this… That isn’t good right?

What I’ve been doing with rashid as a semi effective gameplan is making the opponent guess between dash in or jumpin. While doing lots of crouch fakes and neutral jumps and wiffed jabs/low shorts.

Once in on block I use a bunch of poke strings, but the one I’m most fond of is cr.lp walk backwards cr.mk xx l mixer. This wiff punishes jab spam and throw breaks. If I see the opponent wiff the jab I pre confirm the cr.mk xx mixer into full mixer. If I don’t see a move startup I’m not fast enough to confirm so I will just do non mash mixer into st.lk.

But like I said I’m not seeing how your mixup is good when it’s got what I presume to be a variation that is very bad for rashid.

Also, when the opponent blocks the WWS… What pressure do you follow up with?

I’m not trying to make out as if your stuff doesn’t work, just trying to figure HOW it works so I can try to use it in my own game.


I am sure you all know it and it is sort of stupid, but If you use st.fp xx EX WWS xx roll mid-screen and hit st.lk it will counter-hit any reversal 4 frame normal even with the last whirlwind whiffing (The whiffed WWS hit might even tempt them to press a button). If the EX WWS hits it will combo into st.lk>st.mp>cr.mk series. The only problem as an example is if ken does cr.lp you can not link a cr.mk after st.mp, but you can combo cr.mk if they use a cr.lk as their reversal which is sort of stupid.

It might catch someone off guard once in a while.


Ridiculously easy way to combo into super, is meter intensive but probably worth it if you have it as its one of the best ways to get high damage with rashid, i checked the thread and it hasnt been posted yet afaik… I apologise in advance if its already a well known thing:

Jmk,st.mp,cr.mk xx VT immediate wiffed forward j.lp, land and do super. 396 damage from a super easy hitconfirm. Can of course also do this from raw cr.mk as a punish.

The wiffed jlp is the best most consistent way i could find to move forward after the v trigger hits without losing damage from the v trigger while still being easy to use. This is basically free damage when rashid has super and v trigger and is probably strong enough to save to in lieu of other stuff. 400 damage for rashid is nothing to scoff at.


What is everyone doing for s.hp CC? I’m really unimpressed with Rashid’s CCs.

I did hit 462 though which I think is about as high of damage as he can get, but it drains all of your resources.

s.hp (CC), s.hk xx vtrigger, CA


Most of the time off cc st hp I just do hk spike to take them towards the corner, then do overhead/cr mk; or i’ll do ex spike and then trigger/ex spike into mp mixer then trigger for his midscreen trigger mixups.


If they are close to the corner you can do s.hp CC xx ex.WWSxxVskill roll cr.HP st.MP xx Eagle spike. It’s a large amount of damage and pretty easy. It needs to be close enough to the corner to allow all 3 his of wws to connect though. With his insane corner pressure it’s not that rare for someone to mash DP to try to get out so I can get it fairly often.


The thing I don’t like about the ex.wws follow up is that it isn’t confirmable. So for a DP punish, it works great. But when you are using s.hp (one of our best buttons) for frame traps and manage to fish out a CC… you’re left with very little.


Instead of c.HP > s.MP xx H Spike, I use s.HP xx d+V-Skill xx Roll Kick > H Mixer (fully mashed). More damage and builds a little V-gauge for using the roll kick.


I know we all know that Rashid’s divekick can be made safe but it’s so hard to get the no-bounce, but I at least found one guaranteed, consistent set-up for it. Full-screen H WWS, cancelled into V-skill jump, immediately cancelled into M divekick. Now, I heard people say this was +3, and I don’t show it in the vid, but I set the dummy to mash c.LP after this and I think I sometimes got counterhit or traded when I did s.LK, I can’t remember very well. At least, if it were +3, s.LK should be an airtight blockstring or even if I’m a frame or two off, be guaranteed to counterhit a jab, but that wasn’t the case. So this isn’t amazing. But, at least, having one very specific set-up to do a guaranteed safe divekick is better than literally none. If more people find others, then it’ll all piece together.


I knew about it but the main problem is if they even step forward just a tiny bit it becomes punish town.


Lol I literally just discovered this last night. And yeah it’s +3. When you set Ryu to hit s.LK (4f) after blocking, you get a CC Sweep (7f) for meeting on the same frame. Should make for a good setup if you have V-Trigger stocked. Immediately cancelling c.HK into V-Trigger makes it safe on block, and gives you plenty of time for a dirty setup on CC. (Like pushing s.HK twice)

Zeniside already touched on why this wouldn’t be 100% reliable… having an opponent stand (not crouch) completely still from literally full-screen is a really tough situation to reproduce. Still it’s a start towards finding a consistent setup.


I actually do not like 3 frame lights in this game; It reminds me of SF4. Chun can just kill a lot of pressure with her 3 frame cr.lp.


People are just starting to NJ whenvever rashid is in the air.


I do not see why? Air eagle spikes are ass. You are better off staying on the ground. Do you mean when he jump full screen or when he is close?