Rashid Combo/Tech Thread



Both. AES are bad. That’s why they need to be used sparingly. But right now they somewhat work. Since not very many people have good punishes for them. But give it a month or two and it will get it’s “very unsafe status” back.


I only tend to use AES when being fireballed to death. Ken’s seem to plow into a Heavy DP so pulling a light AES can bring you down and blocking as they commit. Ryu’s aren’t so twitchy as his DP’s range isn’t as good. It’s still kinda situational really.


You could also just roll under fireballs.


Slowly getting into that habit. Sadly, years of playing Rose means I’m almost trying to reflect them on reaction. >_<


So how are you guys doing with opponents that like to mash jab on your pressure?
The only thing I’ve found that works is st.MP, cr.MK, it’s best frametrap I have at the moment for it.


Try to search a list of his 3 frames frame trap.
When up close st.LK is pretty good because os his 3f startup and +2 on block.


St.lk, St.mp is 3 frames


I think you’re in range to frame trap again with c.MK if they block the s.MP as well.


What follow ups do you use after an overhead (f+HP) ? Either on hit or on block.

I tend to cr+MK, as the opponent usually stands up after being hit by an overhead, but there may be better options, or frame traps ?


If they know their frame data then there is not a whole lot you can do as follow-up on block as it is -4. Expect to be punished if it is not spaced enough. It is +0 on hit so you are most likely better off using st.lk if you think they will jab with a 4 frame you will get a ch st.lk into cr.mk if your overhead hit them close enough.

The higher I go the more people like to mash jab after any normal or special that is 0 to -2 on block since the only move they would eat is an invulnerable one. I mean this as a general observation and not specific to Rashid. This is more apparent with 3-frame jab characters. They jab as much as sf4 players. lol


So, I’m sure we’ve all seen the vid that got posted of Lamerboi’s Rashid against PR Rog’s Vega.
So, this stun combo. I didn’t notice until I watched the vid the second time, but he’s actually using the V-trigger to do the enhanced EX Mixer. Since we know this can be followed-up-on, do you think he could’ve added a divekick after? That would make the damage huge. Do we also know yet if it’s possible to follow enhanced EX Mixer in the corner with an EX AES, not just a Heavy AES?


On the topic of that enhanced ex mixer followed up by divekick: I was tooling around with that CC st hp combo in training mode yesterday, and I couldn’t hit it consistently. Is there some sort of trick to it getting the divekick to link, or is it just highly spacing dependant?


This won’t work if you’re point blank on the s.HP starter because the EX WWS won’t persist long enough for you to get the buff on EX Mixer, so space yourself out a bit when you start. You’ll know you got it right if there’s a white cloud effect around you during EX Mixer.

Timing on the H divekick after EX Mixer should be just a bit after the combo counter hits 15.


So lemme pre-face this by stating im a relative new comer to fighting games but I kept getting rocked by nash online. Came up with this, sLK - cLP - LP mixer (no mash) - sMP - crMP - MP mixer - CA. Or you can go for throw or EX mixer to catch or whatever else you want to mix up with after one of the lp mixers. Again not sure if this is even a real thing but it works well for me vs people to mash jab online.



I pretty much have a problem with any frame traps that use spinner because it is only 0 on hit. Any knowledgeable person with a 3-frame light will just mash it after and get a CH(if you are a frame late) or a trade which resets the situation. EX spinner is not much of a threat as it is only 150 damage and is a risk. It works against 4-frame normal characters though.

It is one reason I dislike fighting Chun as once I get in I have to deal with that stupid cr.lp that leads to full combos. I think a non-mashed lp spin should be +1 on hit since it only deals negligible damage anyway.

I know you are talking about Nash but I wanted to mention something more general.


You can choose to only mash L Mixer once to get the lv.1 version, which still leaves the opponent standing and you’re +1 on hit.

This has bonus utility against characters that lack a 3f normal. If you immediately input throw after lv.1 L Mixer, 4f buttons aren’t fast enough to stop it since throws beat strikes on the same frame. They have to tech, jump or backdash to escape, which gives you an extra dimension to your pressure game.

Obviously try to avoid using it anywhere other than confirms though, it goes from -2 on block to -5.


Yes, but I was speaking specifically about the base version. A few characters with similar forward advancing moves are -2 on block whilst being +2 on hit without the potential risk.


So this my have been posted, but i looked and didnt see it anywhere…

So i looks like there is a Just frame/specific timing for ex eagle spike after you activate v trigger that adds a ton of damage to it.

If you do it as soon as posible after activation it does a ton more damage than if you wait and catch them as they fall. This works from almost all normal cancels into v trigger. The only one i didnt test was max range cr.hp.

Best use i found was off mk/hk


HK××v-trigger, instant ex eagle spike, down + vskill+k. 350 damage 1 meter. Easily confirmable.

Ill post vid later. Currently working.


Compared to Rashid other characters could get more damage on VT confirms and still be powered up so this is a great find. The enhanced EX eagle spike is extremely easy to combo if you just double tap 3K so its certainly not just frame. The harder part is connecting the V skill kick afterwards, seems like you need to take a step back after the EX eagle spike to time it. You can always replace it with MP mixer midscreen and HP mixer in the corner for a very small damage loss and a combo you can’t drop.

It also seems like you can do this off of any normal cancelled into VT and combo it no problem.

Another thing I found, if you hold up forward after ending the combo in V skill kick its a perfect safejump on normal recovery. You can do any jumping attack to safejump any 5F reversals and if you empty jump you can block any 3F reversals. If they do back recovery and do any reversal you will be safe as well but your jumping attack will not reach.


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