Rashid Combo/Tech Thread



Well… that hurts !


It’s not a just frame anything, Rashid’s moves get buffed versions when done through the VT tornado. The buffed version of EX spire does more damage and also when hitting a grounded opponent puts them into a free juggle state (as opposed to the limited juggle of a normal one).

In general comboing from VT like in that video gives you around 40 damage more compared to waiting for them to come down after the tornado and doing EX Spire>Mixer . It also has the added benefit of letting you combo another EX-Spire or EX-Divekick after as well, because of where it juggles them at.

If you want an example of a combo that is totally NOT worth the bar but super cool looking, try doing CC HK > f.MP xx EX-Spire > VT (walk slightly into the tornado) > EX-Mixer > EX-Divekick. The VT buffed version of EX mixer has insane screen carry and keeps air actions when coming down, though the only thing I could find that combos after that is the second hit of EX-Divekick.


Here’s my experience with Rashid tech:

Do something. About 1/3 of the time go ahead and do ex qcf+pp. SPINNINGA MIXAH! Even if you get punished, people think “oh, he’s one of those rashid players” and then you get to do so much shit for free while they wait for another one.


I’m just going to leave this here. Hope you guys find something useful in that mess.


Pls read video description for some notes.
Hello world btw.


Is the op ever going to be updated with known combos or no? This thread is hard to read.


Haven’t been on these forums in forever, but enjoy this tech that I found fellas :slight_smile:





Can someone be so kind and compile all this data on this first page, and list his combos. There is alot to sift through in the thread.


What block string combos are most effective? Any nice frame trap set ups?


MP>MP>f.MP is a sweet frame trap. If the second MP counter hits the f.MP will link and can be cancelled into HK/EX Spire.


Looooooooooool that boosted EX mixer gimmick is like guaranteed to catch someone the first time.

Here’s a couple dumb variations on some of that stuff as 3bar+VT combos you can do for fun.



The first post of the thread has been updated with some combos that should get people started with playing Rashid


A few changes I’d suggest for the first post.

A lot of the combos where after you do 6MP/EX Eagle Spike you can do H Spinning Mixer instead for more damage (but less stun)

You can do 2x EX Eagle Spikes for this one.

This only works on a crouching (or possibly large) opponent.

0 bar corner counter:
5HP, 2HP xx V-Skill Rolling Kick, H Spinning Mixer


This didn’t make sense to me when I first saw it, but you can link c.HK after 2 s.MPs.

For standing opponents the first s.MP must be a CH and point-blank distance.

For crouching opponents you don’t need a CH starter, but you do need to have a few pixels of distance between you.

This works because s.MP has two active frames, so if you hit it from the right distance, you become +7 on hit instead of +6, allowing the c.HK link.

Example: http://www.twitch.tv/lamerboi/v/52692669?t=2h11m18s


I thought people already knew that it hit meaty. I use it, but it is generally better to combo to eagle spike on the second st.mp for the corner push.


The two st.mp link?


Hi guys, thanks for the thread, I learned so much in so little time.
Here, I’ll help you guys out. Some tech that I created today.
5f safe jump with Rashid (CC meaty setup included for quick wakeup)



https://youtu.be/aIhv6bUbRQg don’t know if this has been found out yet. Nothing groundbreaking just silly little mixup I found by using wws midscreen.


Is there a viable way to use f.MP against airborne opponents? It seems he can actually juggle after the first hit into specials, including EX Eagle Spike.


I like to juggle into ex ES into :m: SM. I rarely cancel into VT or super. But that’s just me. You could cancel into roll for I guess another setup?


No I mean use it to start a combo on someone in the air. It seems too slow and not vertical enough to be an anti-air, but the reward he gets is rather immense compared to the typical M/H/EX Mixers and cr.MP.

Also, is there a way to combo from unmashed M Mixer midscreen? I know you have options in the corner, but the pushback is really high when done midscreen.